Stellar series the "forgotten" middle child?

Hey all, I just watched Pauls latest vid about a DAC directly to an amp and I was a bit surprised that, while he did mention the BHK series, he didn’t touch on a preamp/DAC combo like the SGCD. I have one and love it, but it made begin to wonder if the Stellar is a bit of the red-headed stepchild (or middle child) of PS audio.
Clearly the BHK line is their flagship and focus (the poor Sprout speaker got whacked while they focus on the AN3, a BHK level speaker) and, of course the wonderful little Sprout100 continues to be a huge seller for them, justifiably.
Not sure if I have a point or just an observation, but sometimes it makes me feel a bit bad for the Stellar gang. Almost a bit like we had to settle because we can’t afford the big guns. (I am very pleased with my SGCD however…)

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Having watched most of Paul’s videos I can attest that he’s referenced the GCD on multiple occasions. As a fellow GCD owner I too have had a keen ear open for GCD references. Not surprised though that we’d hear about the BHK series more. Plus, as a S300 owner I am pretty sure I’ve heard only a few references about it. I don’t think however it means that that’s a bad thing in any way.

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Yeah I don’t think it’s anything intentional (if it even is a “thing”), but like middle children, they sometimes get a bit lost or unrecognized. Truly no biggie, just a thought that passed through. So naturally I have to post it… :slight_smile:

Understand! :blush:

The Stellar line has received quite a bit of attention recently with the addition of the new phono preamp. However, there hasn’t been a lot of recent attention for the SGCD. I’m very happy with mine, though. It’s a really great value!


I don’t think Stellar is a step child. I have a SGCD myself as well. But, the price development defeats the product ranges concept, Stellar sound for a reasonable (not cheap) price.

SGCD: US$ 1699 (fully balanced)
S300: US$ 1599 (balanced)
M700: US$ 1599/piece, US$ 2998/pair (balanced)
OK we knew that and bought the Stellar equipment for the good price performance ratio and features.

But here we go:
P3: US$ 2499
Phono Preamp: US$ 2499 (only output balanced)

No I2S compatible source, not even in the planning.

As such I am afraid they do develop the Stellar series, but at a price category up and unfortunately leaving the fully balanced concept.

While I truly appreciate the sound quality, looks and concept: the inputs, the outputs, integrated AC, fully balanced, gain cell volume control etc, some features / details seem to be forgotten.

Apart from the power amps the cost increase of $1000 and certainly EUR 1000 in Europe indicates that PS Audio has forgotten the Stellar customers budget.

What you see in most Stellar Phono Preamp Beta test reports is that the Stellar Phono Preamp is integrated in BHK or Direct Stream systems, much less in more affordable (SGCD) price range systems.

So the latest components may sound Stellar to the ears, not to the wallet. A true disappointment as I spent EUR 1800 to buy into the Stellar budget for the SGCD, S300 and M700 price policy not for more.

Hello my fellow “forgotten” M700/S300/SGCD people out there in cyberspace. Well, I have a dilemma (call it 1st world problems). I am now the proud owner of 5 correctly placed Bose Series 1 & 2 (including a pair of European market curved front Continentals). All sealed boxed designs. I rebuilt 3 (L.C.R) Series 2 equalizers that are now dual mono true balanced. Well the success I’ve had with my L & R SGCD/M700’s/Bose 901 setup has caused me to re think my system. Originally I wanted to get a used DS Sr. next year to round out my 2.0 system. That has now changed. While I’ve been a proponent of 5.1 remixes for the last twenty years whether they be DVD-Video Concerts, BluRay’s, SACD, DVD-Audio. I’ve recently discovered how well two channel stereo can be. That was before the addition of the extra 901’s.

I’ve decided to stay focused on the 5.1 setup and save up for a single M700 (used or new) for the Center Channel 901 & a S300 (used or new) for the rear 901’s. In lieu of a DS Sr., I hope to purchase a Matrix-2 or the Sonore USB to HDMI I2S Box with my SGCD for 2.0 DSD. My 5.1 DSD will continue to be my Sony UBP-X1000ES/STR-DN1080 with the 5.1 true balanced XLR’s that I hacked earlier this year.

With the release of Windom, people are now either regretting letting go of their DS Sr’s/Jr’s or they are really really happy with them now.

My audio journey continues…and Vinyl is definitely not coming back into the rig.

i enjoy my M700 everyday, I’m also a middle child

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