Strata - Mod's?

I’ve read some intriguing blogs about PSA DAC mod’s and am wondering if there are any similar STRATA mod’s that can be done. I think the Strata is pretty versatile with the various speaker types I have and I’d like to think a mod would be a better route than swapping it out for anything else. I’ve compared it to some other integrated’s and it holds its own pretty well. Thanks in advance.

Any chance Paul or maybe Ted Smith know of any mod’s for the Strata?

I do not recall any.

Guess we Strata owners don’t get the attention that the flagship models get. Probably less to modify, since the dac chip can’t be programmed and the power amp is probably an ICE module.

I see a transformer in the Strata that looks similar to the ones in the dac’s that people are upgrading to apparently audible effect but I have no idea if that’s an option for Strata. I actually don’t have streaming issues with mine as long as I go direct into it with airplay, no app involved. My next thing to do is figure out a convenient way to stream from pc/table/phone on my network above 24/96.

Tx on the right looks to be a mains transformer, the one on the left is on the power amp module so I wouldn’t touch that either.
It’s a lot more “moduley” so there is less on an individual level to fiddle with.

The mods to the DirectStream were initially suggested by Ted who designed that DAC. He had an intimate understanding of it and he specified the parts. He also is in a unique position in that he does not work for PS Audio. There were some changes made by PS Audio for production to (presumably) save some money and bring the DAC in at the target cost. These are the crux of the modifications he suggested way back when.

As far as I know Ted had nothing to do with the Strata so he can’t suggest modifications or even comment. The Strata was a wholly PS Audio designed unit and I think Darren Meyers, who no longer works for PS Audio, was the lead designer. I would say as a general rule PS Audio does not publicly suggest modifications to their equipment. The mods to the DirectStream DAC were a one time fluke.

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