Sub stopped working

If you have the original packing boxes you should pack up all your gear and give it away if you have to. Maybe electric powered devices are not for you. Maybe pottery is your thing. Ballroom dancing perhaps.


The whole amp now has to get shipped out of state for service.

This suuuuuuucks…

The plan is to get it fixed and then start planning to get a new amp once I have the funds…

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You might consider an on site tutor.

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I might consider moving away from NAD

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Seriously, Ballroom Dance!

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This situation continues to evolve! Lol

I went into my local hi fi shop fully planning to buy a Luxman integrated, when the shop told me what was wrong with the NAD.

You have to put the sub connections for the right sub on the right NEGATIVE terminal. Seems odd, but it’s right.

While I was at the shop, another guy came in with the same issue, no sound from right sub coming from an NAD c298.

Hilarious. The fact that nobody including myself, NAD, TMR, message board could diagnose this suggests I should buy local.


Long live local shops!


All this has also shown me how good an integrated can be.

Silver lining is that I’m still gonna go with a Luxman, or other “super integrated” even though there was nothing wrong with the NAD in the first place.


Upgrades are endless. The Luxman is a fantastic choice.

Have you looked at the Modwright 225i? Also very good. It uses 6922 driver tubes, so there’s opportunity to tweak it’s sound signature.

The 225i w/phono is most likely my next office rig. I am looking for something very long term in that setup.


Modwright would be a stretch for my budget but I do want it.

There is a used Rega Osiris for 5k right now at TMR.

Then I’m considering a Luxman 505. LuxmAn has built in MC which is a plus.

If you know how these units sound, let me know!

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I know there is no rules in hi fi.

But, I’m starting to think that Zero Fidelities advice was more correct than not, when he said you need to spend over 10k for separates to outperform an equally priced integrated.

The Luxman 505 was so good!

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Any advice on buying a Luxman from Japan? Seems like they’re cheaper coming from Japan.

I’ve been reading about Luxman.

There is a lot of suspicion online that they’re not made in Japan any more.

I am curious though. How are the dancing lessons working out? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Well, when NAD, The Music Room, REL sub, and nobody on this message board new that the right high level sub connection goes to the right negative terminal, I guess we all should be finding other hobbies…

Funny story. After my local hi fi shop diagnosed the issue in 5 seconds without even looking at the amp, that I simply need to put the sub cable on the negative terminal on the NAD, another person walked into the shop at the same time with the same problem. Hilarious. No sound out of the right sub using an NAD c298.


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