Is there a place on the back of P 10 to attach ground cable?

I am hooking up my sub via speaker inputs and need a place to attach a ground. I don’t see any obvious places on the back except for two screws near the sd card slot. Any one know where I could attach a cable to ground on the p 10?

Why would you require a ground when using the high level outputs of the amp to drive the sub woofer. I have never hear of that. Be careful of unnecessary grounds as you can cause a ground loop that will cause hum or worse!

If the amp in questions is Class D you have to connect the negative cable from the amps to the sub to an alternative grounding point and not the negative binding post.

What subwoofer are you using? Rel has been recommending grounding through an RCA cable recently and it seems to work quite well.

You can take a look here for more info.

Hey dawkinsj, I am trying to do this. Just haven’t been able to find a place to attach the ground.

What other gear do you have in the setup? Do you have a phono ground?

No unfortunately I do not. I have a wyred 4 sound ST 500 amp the p P10 and a DSD dac. The sub is Rythmik f12 se.

O.K. with the Rythmik you can’t use the REL method with the RCA cable as a ground. If your speaker cables have spades then try the screw just under the binding posts. One for each side. If that doesn’t work let me know.

Please check with Wyred 4 Sound before attempting this connection. I would hate to see you kill the amp. I have an ST 1000 mk 2 and I know it is basically a bridged output two hot terminals no ground.

That’s why you use an alternative ground method for the sub only. As long as the main speakers are connected normally no harm will come to the amp. I have used this method with four different Class D amps including two IcePower based amps including mAmps.

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I am considering getting a couple REL subs to use with my Bel Canto REF600M monos. But all this “must have correct connection” warnings are discouraging. If anyone is currently using the 600Ms with speaker high level out to the sub, I would like to know how it is working out for you. Did you have any hum issues that needed resolved/ Thanks.

If the Bel Canto’s are using one of the popular Class D amp modules the same rules apply with their ground situation and REL or any other sub using speaker level inputs. The negative cable end for the subs on the amp side needs to be grounded to something besides the amps negative binding post. It’s not that hard to do. The instructions are on their website.

Thanks for the link. I will try REL method of leaving the negative leads “floating” if this results in any hum though would you mind finding out if there is some place on the back of the P 10 that I could attach them? Thank you sir.

Is this because the Rythmik has no volume control for the LFE in? Could I not connect the RCA out of my DS to the LFE in on the sub? If not what about attaching ground to one of the pins on the balanced out on the DS? You have been very helpful. I apologize for all the questions. Thanks a lot!

Either of the screws next to the SD card slot would work for grounding your sub if needed.

Thanks very much Schroedster!

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Recently added a 2nd Rel sub to my system after going to Chord Electronic monoblocks.
Took me 3 weeks to sort out the hum issues.
This is what I had to do …… and it may help others.
My two monoblocks are powered by my P10.
Plugging the new Rel sub into my P10 cured the earth loop hum but left a low volume buzzing sound.
I rectified this by running an earth wire from my Arcam processor to my P10.
(Loosened a screw on the back of the Arcam processor chassis and a screw beside the SD input slot on the back of the P10 to do this.)
System is totally silent now when running my home cinema system.

Do you have a hum? I have two Rythmik L12 connected to my class D M700 monos via Jensen transformer. Zero hum.

One sub is connected to P10, the other sub is connected to branch circuit on the far side of the room. Both are completely silent, when not driven of course.

I have what sounds more like a buzz than a hum. When no music is playing I can here it from the listening position. It stays at the same level no matter if I increase the volume or not.

So case ground on my DS dac to case ground on my P 10 should do the same thing I am guessing?