The science of cable elevators?

@vee any comments on my placement of 4 (per @aiki14’s amazon link) under each of my M1200’s and between my preamp over my DAC. I am thinking this will be good for lowering magnetic field and with benefit of a stylist look against the black finishes. Correct me if I am wrong.
I might go all out and buy 24 and placement them between and under all of the components.

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@1cdfoley They’re pretty big at roughly 3.5" diameter and 2" tall, so that wouldn’t work.

@brett66 It’s a great question. I thought everything sounded very slightly more controlled/precise at high volumes, but I’ve changed quite a few things in the past month, so I’ll have to undo the doorstop change and listen again.

Not all cable risers are expensive. The Cardas blocks are $50 for a set of six. I use similar blocks (but larger) as they allow me to keep my bi-wire runs separated.

I’m getting a set of 5, 7.5inch blocks delivered on Monday—great idea! They also come in many colors/shades.

Cheap cable lifers

Here is a pack of 20 for $4.17 I’ll let you know how they work.

Don’t forget to add your local store. You probably don’t want to go to Round Lake Beach


Yup same thing I’m using. The rebar clips hold the cable(s) great. They keep all the long runs of line level interconnects for the active speakers and subs well clear of the power cords. They could use a chunk of something heavy glued to the bases to make 'em harder to knock over though…


They look cute, too.

Betcha a nice piece of polished granite would work great as ballast and serve to “class 'em up” some.

Vince I bet those SCM20(?) kill in that space! Are there more in the back?

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Your cable risers remind me of the light poles from my old train set.


A good simile.

They are fun.

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Two more identical SCM20 ASL Pro MkII actives at the rear and four SCM12i Pro doing Atmos/DTS-X duties hung on the ceiling. I suspect I may own the best sounding ATC 2-ways on the planet @brett66! In fact I just laugh every time I read someone describe ATCs as being analytical sounding or not throwing a good soundstage or not offering depth of image. Here is where I get a little evangelical…

For the past half-decade, since the advent of the new in-house tweeters, ATCs simply tell the truth. If you haven’t paid proper due to the recommended set-up requirements, if you put them in a “really lively” room and fail to address primary and secondary reflection points, and/or if you front them with under performing or measurably dubious gear choices- they will audibly lay bare these shortcomings. Pay attention to these things and the results can be glorious.

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Here here. I’ve had the SCM11v2 for a couple years now. Love them.

The BHK 250 drives them quite nicely. They do like power. And they also play fantastically at very low volume. I’m surprised when I read people say ATC needs to be play loud to sound good. They’ve messed something up elsewhere to come to that conclusion.


Most probably, they’re not using a high current amp such as the BHK250.

Yup, my SCM12i overhead loudspeakers are essentially your SCM11v2 but with up-rated tweeters and ugly black boxes. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: And those huge mid-woofer motors do love their watts. I’m using a pair of 60 lbs each Meridian 557 stereo amps with 200w/ch. The 557 is an underappreciated powerhouse of an amplifier as the sell sheet below suggests. This is not overkill with these inefficient beasties and I need them to keep up with the combined 250 watts of bi-amplified power in each of the active ATC SCM20 bed loudspeakers.