Thinking of trying the Sonore ultraRendu

Glad to have read this. I was contemplating going that route to replace just some RaspberryPis that suffer what you might expect over its noisy USB ports. Maybe the Pi 4 will remedy this. $40 is probably worth spending to find out.

Found happiness with my Chromecast Audios. Glad I grabbed a few of those. Only downside is I would prefer using USB as my input on the Schiit Bifrost over optical.

I too find the Chromecast Audio to be very good for the $. Be sure to enable full dynamic range setting in Google Home app for the device, otherwise it will be limited in dynamic range if using 3.5mm analog output.

When Chromecast Audio is connected through an optical interface (see here for compatible cables), it will always use Full Dynamic Range. Setting Full Dynamic Range to OFF won’t have an effect as it will remain ON.

Just switched from the Chromecast Audio to the Bluesound Node2i. It has the Amazon HD built in, and I find now there are no drop-outs and the sound seems much cleaner. Using the same optical line into my SGCD. I’m waiting for my digital coax cable to arrive to see if it also makes a difference. Refurbished, the Node 2i was about $400 more than the Chromecast audio. I’ll go back to it in a few days and compare the sound again. Easier for me to see if an upgrade works if I compare backwards. Sorry if this is thread drift.

Pricey upgrade. Where did you find a refurbished one?

eBay vendor The 2i has the major music services built in, rather than casting from the phone. It also has a built in DAC which I won’t be using. Lots of good things said about the BluOs app; I have it on my Samsung 10e and so far works without a hiccup.


The one thing that would help your Chromecast Audio signal immensely is a WIRED ETHERNET CONNECTION. (Maybe you already did this, but if not, this is one product that will allow you to do that.)

OK I went ahead and ordered an opticalRendu which arrived a few days ago. I am using the SGC Linear Power Supply as it was part of the bundle I purchased. I’m currently using a cheap USB cable that I had lying around. I have a few USB cables on the way to give them a try.

My Setup (I can compare between opticalRendu and Bridge)

Router > RJ45 > Switch > RJ45 > Fiber Transceiver > Fiber > opticalRendu > USB > DSD.
Router > RJ45 > Switch > RJ45 > Fiber Transceiver > Fiber > Fiber Transceiver > RJ45 Bridge.

I using Roon on a dedicated Mac Mini

My initial reaction is yes the opticalRendu sounds different but not to the point where I believe it is much better than the Bridge II. The opticalRendu sounds a bit livelier. Not sure if that is a good or bad thing. I do expect a different sound when I get the new USB cables so I will see.

USB cables on the way are:

  • Wireworld Starlight 8
  • Shunyata Research Venom
  • Analysis Plus Purple
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I listened to my Ultra quite a bit earlier this week at my cabin. Only a few times did it do the click and pop thing. Odd thing was, it was repeatable. For the most part it sounded swell. I have some upgrade cables for it next time I go there. Weird stuff, this xRendu stuff.

HI @michaelhifi - how did it work out with the opticalRendu? Is it a keeper?

A couple months ago I upgraded from mRendu to System Optique — this was huge SQ bang for the buck. I never auditioned uRendu, but given the prices, I would think optical is the way to go in the rendu land.


I thought the opticalRendu was a sweet unit. On certain songs/streams it beat my Bridge II card. In the end given that I already own the Bridge II card I didn’t think the opticalRendu was enough of an improvement for me to switch. If I didn’t own the Bridge II card I would have kept the opticalRendu.

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Thanks for the honest feedback, a very useful data point.

My MiniDSP’s for my Bose 901 EQ’s too are hissy but I’ll take that over the low level Ground Loop Hum that I had with the Bose Analog EQ’s. As much as I diligently Star GND’ed everything, the hum never went away. I hate hum but hiss is very “Vintage” sounding (please feel free to call me out on my B.S.).

There is new 2.8 firmware available. It is supposed to resolve DAC connection anomalies and has new supported interface software. Might give that a try. Never had clicks and pos but use Roon

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. My UltraRendu is up at my lake place where I was hoping to go today, but no such luck. My MicroRendu is in a drawer somewhere near me so I might try updating that first.
As I mentioned before, it sounds great when it isn’t fouled by weird noises.

The update is for sale on a microSD card on the Sonora website:
$29.00. Sorry for assuming you haven’t bought it yet.

FYI, the 2.8 update sale has been suspended due to software glitches that cause some units to overheat and shut down.

@amsco15 Dam, I was looking forward to the DAC connection fixes.

I assume it’ll get fixed: it’s software. There’s always a bug or two or twenty… You can follow the details here.