Thinking of trying the Sonore ultraRendu

OK with all of the reading and discussions around Roon I am thinking of giving the Sonore opticalRendu a try. Compared to other streamers the price isn’t bad. I currently have a bridge II card so I should be able to see how it compares.

I already have a RJ45 to Optical media converter so I don’t plan on buying the Sonore opticalmodule. I do plan on picking up an USB Type A to B cable.

Anyone have any suggestions/recommendations

I have been very happy with my UltraRendu now (about 9 months) , steaming Roon. I added a server from Small Green Computer and the combo works beautifully. Sold the Bridge II. I stream listen about 95% of the listening time. I feel the optical is too much of an incremental expense, so never tried.

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True looks like the optical adds about $300 to the price.

Mine injects noise so it sits on a shelf.

Compared to what?

Anything else I’ve tried.
(except my MicroRendu, it makes the same noise and also sits on the shelf)

The UltraRendu with a Teddy Pardo LPS is the quietest device I have ever had feeding USB to my DirectStream DAC. What devices have been quieter for you?

To put it another way, the Rendus are the noisiest things I’ve tried.
I went through support and there was no solution.

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What are you using to stream?

Noisier than what, specifically? Every PC too?

What do you mean by nosier? By what metric?

I was streaming from a PC that was using Fidelizer Pro. I was using a LPS 1.2 to power each Rendu. I also had a Gigafoil inline. In each case (Microrendu and Ultrarendu) noise, not unlike LP surface noise would appear too often to be ignored. When it sounded good it sounded very good. But that was rare. I worked with support from Sonore and we came up blank. I have not tried it again with other sources, but the source I used sounds wonderful without the UltraRendu in play. I was surprised and disappointed. I am guessing that not everyone who has one of these experiences this. I hope not. I was just sad that after all the hype I have heard about these devices that mine does not live up to it. As in, it is not useful.

I’m going to ignore you. Thanks.

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I have never experienced anything like that with the microRendu or ultraRendu when using them as a Roon endpoint or as an HQPlayer NAA. I really have not used any other software on those two devices. But, I have never heard of that issue before on any of the forums I read. I suspect that Jesus told you pretty much the same thing which is why he was at a loss to solve the problem.

Did you try it without the Gigafoil?

No noise problems with mine.

I love it, and consider it a great upgrade. Powered by LPS 1.2


Very happy with mine. Reliable and excellent SQ. Also very flexible to work with Roon, upnp, squeezebox.

I am using the traditional UltraRendu with lps 1.2. but I did not hear any improvement from the default power brick (Honeywell) to the lps. It didn’t hurt, so it stayed in.


I would like to add to the information on my use of the UltraRendu. When I heard that computers can be a “big” source of noise. I wanted to get my library, everything, off it. I trialed the UltraRendu for 30 days, returns fully refunded. I kept it, along with a customized server and two Power units. Lesson, always try components that offer a full guaranteed return.

I was surprised that my good friend Al Angen had trouble with the Senore components; yet, I believe him.

I have read good reports from a friend who just added a Lumin U1 Mini, another uses Auralic and is very happy with it. I have concluded that there are many good performing streamers available. I am not pushing any particular product; but please, always try with guaranteed no restrictions on returns.


EDIT Keep your router, modems far away from your streamer and all stereo system components. They contribute to noise. My router is 25 ft away in the next room. One 25 ft cable to a powered-multi-port switch which connects two 2 ft cables to the server and streamer.

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I’m reading this closely. Very close to picking up the optical rendu. I’d replace the cat6 cable with a piece of fiber. The run is about 40 feet or so. Run it all from a very good UpTone power supply. I really love the bridge II but it’s time to move on. Octave doesn’t look like it’ll be for me.

I upgraded from mRendu to oRendu (+optical module) recently. Proved to be a truly “big” upgrade, whatever that means. Works great with an old sonictransporter as Roon core and DS Sr DAC.


I brought my UltraRendu, Uptone LPS 1.2 and Chord Qutest DAC up to my cabin. Using an off the shelf HP computer running Squeezebox server and outputting from the Qutest to an Onkyo reciever feeding KEF LS50 speakers. Not a single decent cable used anywhere. It sounds Great! None of the mysterious noise I got at home with the DSD Sr. Odd.
I am really pleased with the result. Finally the UltraRendu sings sweetly for me. Now I just have to spend $20k on appropriate interconnects and powercables.
So here, here I am saying positive things about the UltraRendu. I just had it in the wrong home.

Update: oops, spoke too soon. The clicks and pops have appeared again. Tried a power cycle, no help. When it sounds good, it really sounds good. But when the clicks and pops start, that’s it. Sigh. It must be me.


So now you have a stream running through your cabin, hee-hee. :crazy_face: