TigerFox or circular room

We all know that the room is important for listening experience.

Have a look at Jay from Jays audiolab, the reviewer of some of the better high end equipment on his youtube-channel, listening to music sitting in a TigerFox diffusor set up.

Q: Have anyone made a circular diffusor listening solution in a more full sized version? (like wife friendly designed space for a 3-person sofa and walk paths) All room treatment are usually just fitted on the wall or in corners.

Jays audio lab in side the TigerFox room treatment

I wish Buckminster Fuller had had time to get into audio and acoustic design…


I don’t believe it will work in a larger room. The circular walls need to be in close proximity to your ears, and the speakers have to fire directly into the opening. This is just a nifty trick, but not practical at all.

I respect that he makes a great living on YouTube, but I think he is a tool.


Thirty years ago I worked for a few months at an architecture firm where the drafting room was a large, circular space bound by windows. It was probably twice the diameter of the Fuller building in the photo. The center of that room was a miserable place to be. All kinds of zingy, zippy and unwanted sounds. It was slap echo on steroids.

Is he screwing with us?!? I’d like to hammer at him until I pry it out of him.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I encountered him many times at Axpona and i never acknowledged him at all. I really prefer to ignore him.

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I tried to watch one of his videos for the first time the other day. Not for me. I felt like I was watching a bombastic modern day aluminum siding salesman.


I’d pay to watch a joint you tube video Jay’s ASR Lab. Train wreck experience on who has the most humorous opinion and says you’re wrong because………the most times.


That’s pretty funny. They could title the episode “A race to the bottom”.

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