TSS Two Chassis Super DAC


Dan has done great job with the differentiation of his products. Unfortunately, Steam Punk had its heyday and died a quick and deserved death. Our local dealer has these cycle through often. It makes me wonder whether it’s visual or acoustic fickleness causing the churn.


POLL: Steampunk – Who Wore it Better?


No competition!


Bad fashion dies hard.

Probably neither. Many hobbyists who can afford such equipment (D’agostino amps, boats, plane, cars, etc.) enjoy buying new and trading in the old.




They at least sold one pair…the owner must be reasonably well splashed with cash, look what’s behind the D’ags.


I agree but your opinion can be said of many products produced today…bikes,cars,clothing homes,watches,jewelry,boats…etc etc…


The same DAC and (the dual mono power supplies) as mine! :+1:t2:


Humbling. Respect due. What level Femto do you have on board?


WOW that is awesome!


I think they look naff as well, that’s why I bought the Stereo Classic instead. …mind you the price differential may have something to do with it as well.


Curious. “Humbling”. Why?


Humbling, because of the eye watering price…



Gosh, dude. And here I though you were secure in your Comparatively Massive Wealth ; )

It’s like the old-school rappers, “It’s All about the Benjamins” : )

I can only aspire to having Femto Benjamins.


This is , of curse, true of some other objects - making them as unappealing as the D’Agostino products.


“Of Curse”. That should be a meme. : )

Not sure how to make it one…


I like it, even if unintentionally arising out of a typo.


Wrong! Brodric, in his own words, is poor.

Shocking, yes. Now if I only knew the word for what I am …


We can agree to disagree on the D’Agostino product line look…Its no different than my preference of the look of a Harley over a Ducati.


A Hardly Ableson?

Land pirates on parade?

A fascinating phenomenon, now dying as its rider base ages out. Loud, slow, poor handling, heavy as a pick-up. But comfortable for slow trips. Great if you like excessive chrome farkle. (You are right! They are like a D’Agostino product!)

Still, I wave at all bikes as I come across them, even Vespas. They are riders after all.

I just wish we could get Harley riders to wear real helmets and a modicum of safety gear. It is really sad seeing a Harley rider fail to negotiate a 20 MPH left-hand intersection turn, fall, and need his skull stapled after his brain bucket failed to protect the side of his head, if he was wearing any helmet. I hate seeing bikers get hurt, especially when it is so preventable.

Then they are those ugly Ducatis - included in the Guggenheim’s The Art of the Motorcycle exhibit. An example is also on display at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. But what do they know? :slight_smile: