Turntable on top of BHK250?

What are peoples thoughts on placing a turntable (with some isolation feet) on top of the bhk250? I know it’s not ideal but I’m out of room and thinking it’s the best place. :slight_smile:

Assuming the TT sits directly on top of the 250 (not in a shelf above it)

  1. Heat will sag TT belts (direct drives won’t be affected) shorten the life of the cartridge, and change the dynamics of the motor, and bearing lube. Heat will change the physical properties of TT feet short and long term too.
  2. Toroidal transformer(s) have a certain level of hum. If any of that seeps through the feet of the TT, your music will not sound like it was recorded.
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Thanks for the detailed response. On to plan b.

You’re welcome and it is always recommended to have the TT support connected to the floor (legs of racks are ok) and if you have sturdy walls, you can consider a shelf. Good luck and happy listening .

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I agree. A recipe for disaster. Turntables also suffer terribly from microvibrations just as much from low frequency stuff. The best solution is always wall-mounting, Rega have the best solution with their wall mounts designed to comply with the feet of their decks.

Perhaps get a smaller amplifier? Depends what your priorities are.

Do you have room for a wall-mounting shelf? The more isolated your TT is the better.

Thanks Serhan, great answer!

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Any time :smile: