Tweeter baffle diffraction

I found my way to this article a couple days ago and promptly ordered a 12" sq 3/8" piece of F10 felt.

I plan to use some fabric stain to make them black and ‘fade’ away as they are ugly and my wife is saying no way jose. We’ll see, they sure do improve the focus/clarity/presence of the tweeter output.

I agreed with this chaps logic regarding round vs square or non-symetrical and cut mine to be square and recessed a good bit away from the tweeter.

I have ATC SCM11v2



All of these little tweaks show how big the collective consciousness really is. What an interesting group of individuals we are.

That would be an interesting application on line source speakers. My XR19s employ felt that which i use as left and right HT surrounds. The XRT20 and XR290 I have did not.

This reminds me of the hand-trimmed felt surrounds John Dunlacy created for his speakers.

Like these, Elk??

Just for the sake of accuracy, I believe you meant John Dunlavy.

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Mike Dzurko of ACI used to do that around some of his tweeters as well. And I reckon you meant diffraction.

Yep, it was a test, like dampening :wink:

Yes, a perfect example.

I did intend Dunlavy. A true typo; c and v are directly adjacent.

Almost forgot I had a set. Put them on just to listen to a few familiar tracks. (Excuse the mess, been moving things around today)

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Vandersteen has had felt around their tweeters from their beginning.

Plus no baffle, at least not in the 2ce Sigs I had years ago. I very much liked the sound but they were just too big and were sold during a move.

I’m still quite pleased with the calming and focus of the higher freqs. I don’t use them all the time but it’s a nice option and it improves many albums but certainly not all.

Focal speaker owners - I’m really curious why there is a systematic design bias towards NOT placing any anti-diffraction treatment whatsoever in any of Focal’s high-end speakers. Typically, with large baffle surface areas, the tweeters are extremely vulnerable to undesirable destructive interference - the deleterious effects can be seen in every Stereophile review waterfall plot of Focal loudspeakers.

Aesthetics is my guess. I know, it should be all about the sound but it’s not.

I used some Rit dye to make my natural, off white wool black or very dark grey. It mostly disappears now and is much more pleasing to the eye (in that one doesn’t really see it).

Highly recommended!


Brett - it’s unfortunate that form is prioritized over function. Luckily, aftermarket products can help right a wrong!

I’ve been running with the F10 wool now for 2 weeks+

They’re fixtures. The increase is calming realism and overall pleasing should cannot be understated; cost notwithstanding. :wink:

Best $23 I’ve spent in a good long while on sound.