Update - on the equipment that ran into the air

Update - on the equipment that ran into the air
For good reason, I have to emphasize that there was no PS audio device that got my crossover to my Infinity RS 1b to burn together. It was an old repratuion of professional who was made bad and wrong.

There are no devices missing, etc. Only the crossover is complete.

There is no PS audio device that has been damaged.

I do not drink alkoloh etc … just for good reason and it was not because I was very much sorry and affected by my equipment had sprung up in the air I had discovered the rubbish google got translated to me and which I regretted regret immediately on. Such am I desponding … hurt and hurt.

It is of course my responsibility and I can only regret again deeply and I am sad with the shame … Sorry for the room and the PS employee my anger hit. Pardon. I would like to ask not to answer or mess with me as I’m concerned about what has happened. I’ve got a lot of angered private mail and phone calls … I’d like to have myself deceived. More love from Denmark

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