Uptone Audio Regen and DS


Neat-o. Looking forward to trying these. Waiting for my Regen to be manufactured. 105_gif


How about doing a supercapacitor solution for the Regen like Audiobyte does for the Hydra-Z?


It needs to be a simple solution though, because the ZPM cost a lot more than the Regen.

rossop said Please pardon my igorance. I use JRMC Media Network to send (via Power Line Connectors) to Bridge I/DS. Am I able to use this Regen thing in this setup or do I need a direct set up where JR is connected via USB to DS?
If so inclined, can we connect on the topic of using JRMC to send to Bridge? Is the music on a PC or NAS?

There are a number of threads on using JRMC. Or, start a new thread please. cool

scirica said
rossop said Please pardon my igorance. I use JRMC Media Network to send (via Power Line Connectors) to Bridge I/DS. Am I able to use this Regen thing in this setup or do I need a direct set up where JR is connected via USB to DS?

If so inclined, can we connect on the topic of using JRMC to send to Bridge? Is the music on a PC or NAS?

The Regen serves only a USB connection like from server to DAC whether from PC or NAS. The player [JRMC or other ] is irrelevant.

However, if your external “storage” is connected to a server via USB then the Regen might also be mildly beneficial even if the final stream is delivered by ethernet.


Hi all,

Curious if anyone besides me is having an issue with the Regen playing DSD iso rips from a MB pro to a ds dac? Received my Regen in June and it performed perfectly with iso rips coming thru as DOP dsd on the ds dac. About a month ago it just stopped playing the iso files after I paused a track and then hit play again. Now when I play any dsd rip, the MB pro indicates dsd64 on my Audirvana+ screen as it always had, but only a white noise gets to the speakers (although at very high volume I can faintly make out the track being played). And the dac now indicates 176.4/24, not dsd.

What’s weird is if I pull the Regen out, it plays dsd files perfectly again. Put the regen back in, nada. I just installed an aq jitterbug in my usb port and it plays dsd without issue when in the chain. Put the regen back in and nyet.

I have done almost everything I could think of: revert back to pikes peak, reinstall yale, reboot/reinstall everything else, try different usb cables, even got a new replacement regen from alex, but nothing worked. And it must be something in my system because my son also has the same MB pro, audirvana+ and ds dac and I was visiting him this past weekend and brought along my Regen. Played the same dsd iso files flawlessly in his system. Did so with his jriver player also.

The one remaining check I will do next time I visit him is to bring my MB pro along and use it in place of his MB pro and see if that’s where the problem lies. We are both using maverick.

I am open to any and all suggestions.

Thanks for your help on this.




One other thing I forgot to mention that may be a clue to what is amiss. After failure to play dsd I noticed that although all other file resolutions played properly on the dsd dac, the volume was now attenuated and the Regen did not sound quite as good, especially in the high end. Rather than my normal ds dac volume setting of 60 to 62, I now need a setting of 72 to 74 to get the same output level on the same tracks when the regen is installed.




Go to computer audiophile forums

post answers should come there


Thanks. I will do that.

Though I would post here first since a lot of ds dac owners frequent this forum.




Audio is a hobby for me and I’ll venture to try anything for that small particle of sonic improvement. I have DirectStream DAC’s in both PC and Apple based audio systems. The addition of an Uptone Regen and Audioquest Jitterbug works very well on the PC sourced system (HP Envy w/ six core AMD@3.5). I tried one unit, then the other and then finally both together - Jitterbug at PC USB port and Regen at DirectStream. Then eliminating one, then the other, then both. The sonic improvements are much less with a Teddy Pardo 12VDC powered Apple MacMini i7 sourced system. Do any of you have better hearing days than others?


I’ve had the white noise via DSD playback. I had to re-install yale to fix it. To do that first downgrade your firmware to something else like Pikes Peak, then re-install Yale. I think this will fix your issue.


Thanks for your info Woot.

I tried reverting to Pikes Peak and then reinstalled Yale. Same issue with the reverted PP and did not correct when I reinstalled Yale.

Tonight I downloaded JRiver hoping a different player would resolve the issue. Unfortunately it did not. I don’t know what there is left to try.

Are there any mb pro settings that I may have overlooked? I have not changed anything but maybe something updated automatically and somehow screwed up dsd playback?




It sounds like something upstream from the DS is doing some volume correction. I don’t know what would change in a system with and without a Regen, but verifying all of the options in the Sound Control Panel in Windows both with and without the Regen in the system couldn’t hurt. The Regen folks might be a better place to ask about this problem.



I have discussed this at length with Alex and he even replaced my original regen to no effect. And I know the issue does not lie with the regen because it played flawlessly between my son’s mb pro and his ds dac. There must be something that my mb pro or ds dac does not like when I insert the regen in the chain. It’s baffling to me why my system reverts to perfect playback when I pull the regen out. And there is no issue with my jitterbug ahead of my light speed USB cable. Since the regen has power to it and the jitterbug is passive, maybe that is somehow causing this problem??

As I mentioned, I will have my son bring his mb pro here on his next visit. If his laptop plays without issue the problem resides in my mb pro and i’ll have to resolve it from my end. If his mb pro has playback issues then the problem lies with my ds dac and I will then need to get back with PS audio on a potential issue with my ds dac.

Thanks for your feedback.




The 9 volt output of the Hdplex is an improvement over the supplied psu

the new Hdplex has 4 outputs

19/12/9/5. I use the 19 for atx dc to dc and the 9 volt for regen. This is a worthwhile start in going to a music server

but individual dc supplies for main board , audio grade usb and SS drives do give further improvement

powerfreq said And I know the issue does not lie with the regen because it played flawlessly between my son's mb pro and his ds dac.
That logic isn't sound. It would also apply for many USB cables that don't hook up the VBUS signal - but they work with many combinations of hardware and they also fail with many others. Don't get me wrong, I doubt that the Regen is "cheating" but it's not at all obvious where the incompatibility lies.

The problem seems to be something in the chain trying to use the USB volume control somewhere: the DS USB receiver (unfortunately) supports the USB HID mixer requests and if you aren’t explicitly using them it’s not obvious what part of the system is - if the mb pro has any sort of support for volume controls in the USB chain try to disable them. I don’t know why the Regen would use USB HID requests, but if they are for some reason that might be the problem.

Some other simple suggestions to help narrow things down, please try them again even if you have done similar experiments in the past:

If you have any USB hubs in the USB chain between the mb pro and the ds try removing them.

Have you tried things with only certified USB cables in the chain? (the Belden Gold USB cables are good quality and cost next to nothing.)


Quick Question,

I have a very nice NuForce LPS1 (12V / 15V Linear Power Supply) that I used to use with my NuForce ICON HP amp. I don’t use that HP amp any more and I figured, the NuForce would make an excellent supply for the ReGen. My research from the Uptone audio site indicates that using a 12V /1A supply will be fine if the DAC does not utilize the VBUS +5V.

I believe that DS DAC does not use the vBUS +5V correct? Well only for the initial handshake.

Is this the correct assumption?


The DS DAC doesn’t use any significant current from the USB VBUS line - i.e. the Regen doesn’t have to supply power to the DS over that line and you have the widest choice of power supplies for the Regen.


Thanks Ted.

Just put an order in for regen should arrive in december.

I will post my results here. Bear in mind i use a 2 PC set up with JPLAY. PPA USB card (V2) running off of regulated battery. SSD is also run off of battery. Audio PC is on its own ground and I effectively made the chassis a Faraday cage. Well see if any improvements can be made.


May i ask for more details of your servers ?


I too had my doubts of tthe regen bettering my servers