Used amps for my DirectStream

My current amp is undersized for my Magnepan 3.6 speakers. I want to get best sound I can from my new DirectStream w/bridgeII and I would apprciate any suggestions. These are some current possibilities:

(The above A5-5 is still available)



Charles, I would suggest adding the PS Audio Stellar 300 to your list. If you have an old amp (or something else) to trade in you could get well within your implied price range (the cost is about the same as the first integrated amp you linked). I have the M700’s in my second system and they are great amps, and not just great for the money. You could run your DS directly into it if all your sources are digital. And there is always the 30-day trial period.

Hey Charles,

if you are in Austin this place has a consignment Stellar 300 for a good deal:

You have probably been here as they are our local Magnepan dealers!

That does look like a good deal. The “original price” they list must include the (unspecified PSA) power cord.

agreed, they must have added in the price for the cable. Still a good deal for 800 bucks with probably an AC-3 cord


I live in central California. I think the Stellar 300 will be underpowered for the 3.6 Maggies. Steve at HighPerformanceStereo also thinks the A700 would be better. He offered a good price on a pair.

Oh, ha, sorry thought you were here! I have gotten all my PS Audio stuff from Steve as well.

The input impedance of the M700 is 50K ohms and the output impedance of the DirectStream unbalanced is 100 ohms. I’ve read there should be a ratio of 10 to 1. Will the DirectStream work with the M700? Or, should I put a preamp between? Eventually I plan to get the Decware Ultra 6-Channel Preamp Jeff recommended. But that will take some saving time.

That should be fine. I think the rule of thumb is that the input impedance of the amplifier should be at least 10 times greater than the output impedance of the preamp. The DirectStream meets that criterion.


I just ordered a pair of M700’s from HighPerformanceStereo. Reviews sound great.

Excellent choice. That’s what I got for my 3.7’s sounds great, especially with the BHK Signature pre amp.

Hope you are not planning to get work done any time soon. Bringing home the DS DAC with Redcloud and now those M700 puppies to drive the Maggies will keep you very engaged. Congrats! Keep us updated.

MegaHz said

Hope you are not planning to get work done any time soon.

Actually, I'm about to do a lot of work on my cabinet. The amps get a little warm so I'm going to take everything out cut U shaped slots from the rear on all the amp shelves and install thermostat controlled quiet fans on the rear panel. I'll install a remote controlled door opener to access the 205 and the DS with remotes. I elevated the LG 65" OLED so it would be the same height as the 3.6 speakers.