Using Dryer Sheets to Remove Static From Your Vinyl Records?

I did. Problem wasn’t solved and it sits in a box somewhere now. :man_shrugging:


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That happened to me once as a young enthusiast. I had a Pioneer PL-12D (like you, many, many years ago) that could play with the dust cover down. I was listening to an LP when I noticed the cover was dusty, so I wiped it with a cloth. Immediately the tone arm lifted to the underside of the cover. I was at least foresighted enough to raise the cueing lever and turn the volume down (just in case) before raising the cover and trying to catch the falling tonearm.

Between that, and a few subsequent times when the cover introduced some resonances from airborne low frequencies, I’ve never played a record with a dust cover in place, on any turntable. I decided it wasn’t worth it just to avoid a little dust.

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Resonances from the dust cover!!! Yea, me too. I did two things to stop that:

1 - Laid a heavy towel on the dust cover… I had a heavy black one my dad used to set his bar when he had parties.
2 - Placed the entire turntable on a concrete slab… I stopped out at a stone hardscaping place and purchased just one smooth stone… then cut four stantions from old rubber carpet padding.

Dead quiet.

Bruce in Philly