Volume and impact on S/N, bit length on DSD Jr

I have to reduce the output volume on my DSD JR when running it into my ARC LS28SE pre amp. I use balanced cables from the DSD JR to the pre amp and have to turn down the DSD JR volume to about 65 in order to have it be adequately quiet when the ARC pre volume is set to 1 (the lowest volume setting on the pre amp).

Is ther ea way to reduce the DSD Jr volume without compromising its S/N or bit length or sound quality? Does the “attenuation” button on the remote for the DSD JR reduce the volume in the digital or analog domain and which is preferable ? In order of least impactful to the sound quality what does @tedsmith suggest ? Use RCA cables from the DSD jr to the pre instead of XLR ? Reduce the volume with the volume knob on the DSD, attenuate via the “attenuate” button on the remote of the DSD? Or some combo of these ? Thanks

I don’t know the DSD Jr, but is there a setting to lower the voltage output? Something like 6V to 2V?

Here’s an example on a dCS Rossini:

I use the attenuator on my DSJr when feeding the BHK Pre. It was just too loud otherwise and didn’t give me much range on the volume knob.

Thanks, yes, my question is which method of reducing the DAC volume is least intrusive- does turning the knob down to -70 cut any bits or add any S/N ?

Does the “attenuation” button on the remote for the DSD Jr turn down the volume the same way as the knob or does it reduce it in the analog rather than the digital in which case maybe it’s less intrusive on degrading the signal ?