Volume for voice in the new stereo set up work

Not sure exactly where this goes so I put it here. In Paul’s new book he talks about setting the volume of voice to what would be natural in the room. Can anybody give me a DBA Equivalent because I don’t know what a singer’s voice is supposed to sound like in my room. I am not a musician just a listener.

A difficult question to answer as a good live unamplified singer has a tremendous dynamic range from whisper quiet to almost painfully loud.

Speaking, a normal voice is typically 60dB to 65dB.

I suggest limiting the time you listen at 95dB. This is more than loud enough to damage your hearing.

Edit: After I responded, the OP deleted “I like to listen to rock ‘n’ roll at 95 dba” from his original post.

93db = Belt Sander
96db = Tractor
98db = Hand Drill
85db for 8 hours per day is hazardous
100db for 15 minutes per day risks permanent hearing loss
110db for 1.5 minutes per day risks permanent hearing loss
Source: CDC - The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)