Volume limit - how it influence?

In my audio kit , The value of the Volume Limit can be set to Options 60, 70, or 80 percent.
If I set to 60 percent , Will it influence on volume level audio dynamic at lower volume hearing ? ( Relatively ? )
Meaning / Opposite example , If i will set to no limit , will I hear better sound on lower volume ?
Thank you

Two issues;

1.0 Signal to noise is VARIABLE, where is it the BEST?
2.0 Distortion, where is it the LOWEST?

Each volume control system is different so talk to your equipment manufacturer for guidance on the best settings. Some short out the volume potentiometer at the high volume end (no attenuation) thus distortion and S/N is best wide open. Others are opposite that and every type in between.

Look at your amplifier for it’s max output voltage requirements, too. You may be FORCED to use a higher gain to drive your amp to it’s full output capability and that may be outside of the pre-amps lowest distortion range or S/N rating. In a best case, you would set the output voltage max to meet the amps max output level and no more.

Amps need 1V-5V (most around 1.5V) to reach full output, so make sure you reach your amps clipping voltage level.

Galen Gareis

Equipment manufacturer reply, Quote :
The volume level limit is adjustable to set the overall volume to a peak limit. Some customers will use the Audio Kit with out larger power amps which may output more power than their speakers are rated for. In this case the limit is set so when something is blown up in an action movie it will not also blow up the connected speakers.

There is no effect on dynamic range in this example as the speakers are not designed for the maximum output of the amplifier.

You can test with no limit VS a set limit and you will find that the sound is the same, dynamics wise.

Your kit can output 6 Volts unbalanced and 12 Volts balanced. This is twice the output need to drive amplifiers to full output. Since kit balanced inputs on the amp are 1/2 the sensitivity of the unbalanced inputs due to being fully differential these will effectively be the same sensitivity.
End Quote

This is under driving the amps so as to not over drive speakers. Correct, the dynamic range will be the SAME, but the PEAK levels will be mitigated to what your speakers are designed to handle.

The more difficult to manage question, is exactly what peak output is your amp delivering at various voltage inputs. The amp should be LINEAR to voltage. If your amp clips at 1.5 volts, setting the max input voltage to 0.75 volts should limit the peak to HALF, for insance.

It gets more confusing as music is dynamic and sustained power is not the same as “peak” music power. Speakers can manage about twice the peak as sustained power.

Galen Gareis