Was it all worth it?

Sometimes I wonder wow I spent a ton of money on my system. It’s a good percentage of what I earn. I’m not rich by any means. But I save and work on it. And sometimes I wonder was it really worth so much more than what I could have spent.

Well I had a friend over and input on my new Anthem AVM70 via roon HDMI out my core. Demoing multi channel. For a test input on a song we had just listened to in 2 channel. In fact a few. And even though it’s the same app and speakers it was not even close to the DSD and BHK pre. My wondering is over. It shoulder compresses and flat. Just did not have the same feeling and life when played in my two channel.

I was very pleased with those results.


Looking back at 40 years in this hobby, it was always safer to research, save and then buy the best hifi I could afford! DSD / BHK Pre is a wonderful A-list combo in my system as much as it is in yours and in the systems of many other music lovers!


At the moment it seems so worth it.
I love the music…


Listening now.

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You are addicted to Metronomy! :wink:

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You say that like it’s a bad thing.

Listening to this at the moment. This is the ultimate fuse test cd.

It’s pretty weird though.


Ditto here… Know the feeling all too well!!

Sounds like me…

And doubt more spending in the future…
Funny thing though…as wonderful a my stock DS dac
sounds …The MkII is looming out there in time some time…

As a whole though with my new M1s my system is on a whole
new level…

So when I sit back relax and listen to my music …I get a great
sense of enjoyment.

The feeling it was worth it all comes to mind!!!

Well you have my sympathy and heartfelt understanding …
Wishing you a wonderful journey…

Best wishes

Thanks @davida , I too would love the MKII, but I have been able to get this far by buying mostly used at this level. A few things new, but my BHK Pre, P20, P10, DSD, BHK 250 all bought used. saved at least 50% off list, plus no tax, but a ton in shipping especially the P20.

I fear I will be waiting a few years for things to calm down on the MKII before I can jump in and find a deal used. Which is why I went in with the Mods. LPS, dampening, and Xfrmer change. Again verified that it all works super well with my AVM70 test. Very happy now with what I have now with just minor tweaks to come (aka my M! replacement or 2 or 3…depending on how I like it). Thinking of swapping out the sound absorption in my front wall which was put in place for theater use, not 2 channel with more diffusers instead. More sub $1000 tweaks and DIY projects for what I hope a few years to come.


I agree. I have found that the audiophile cabling and power improvements in noise floor: fuses, absorber, LPS tweaks in my two channel have directly benefited HT. My processor has Neo 6 channel music mode where I bring in all speakers. That is almost equally amazing with room correction. In fact some nights I convert and listen for the even more enveloping sound of Roon being converted by the processor chips. I used to hate it but man has it caught up.


I’m confused. Which was better? The multi-channel with the Anthem or the 2ch with the PSA? One, it seems, you thought was much better, but I can’t tell for sure from your description which one.

Music has been a central part of my life since I was old enough to play a recorder. My career path went another way, but I was both an audiophile starting in my early teens and an amateur musician through high school. Not a coincidence.

Every penny I have invested in reproducing music at home with the highest fidelity I can afford is worth it. No regrets and if I were to rewind my life 40 years or more (I can remember the birth of the high end audio industry) I would do it again in a heartbeat. I’m living happily with my BHK Pre/250 combo now and don’t have any desire to change it. Ditto 2-channel vinyl playback. The primary source in my system and will stay that way.


Sorry, I did 2 channel via Roon via Sonore/DSD vs Anthem (both use room correction) and the DSD was clearly better. Multi channel I can ONLY do via Anthem. nothing to compare to. But when I do that its not upsampled its a SACD or DVDA recorded in multi.

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I have not bitten on the vinyl yet. I have heard recordings made of vinyl and it is very different and very nice sounding. I fear if I try its another rabbit hole i will end up down. With Roon I am very ADD with my selections, and unfortunately vinyl does not allow that. Plus it does not do room correction unless you put to digital and that pretty much kills the point.

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How did you do room correction with the Sonore/DSD combo?

The P20 has been the biggest upgrade I’ve made to both the 2 channel and home theater! My vintage 3 channel Proceed amp has new life breathed into thanks to the P20! It was very much worth it!!


I use Roon DSP (convolution filter). You can use REW or in my I case I bought Focus Fidelity software. Since I use the JL Audio CR-1 in my system when I measured it was with the subwoofer. So I have that in the DSP as well. InHT mode Anthem ARC does it obviously. I have attached the corrected curve done via the filter. It tamed the huge peak at 100Hz.

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Yes it was.

That’s really cool. I didn’t know you could integrate room corrections into Roon.

It’s a game changer. That software makes it super easy. 9 measurements and then pump through defaults. I stopped at the 5khz but some go lower.

Yes, and it works really well. I also use convolution filters, first DIY with a calibrated microphone and REW software (free). But there are even services, that do this professionally. I now use filters from HAF. You still do the measurements, and they do the hard work (much better than I could ever do this). Highly recommended.