Wav versus aflac

I am ripping my CDs and storing them under my own classification system on a 4tb external hard disk. I am using PS Audio DSD streamer. My question is to decide which format will result in the best sound through playind the recorded digital file through J.River as my playing software and PS Audio Directstream DAC. My personal impression is that aflac when compared against Wav sound more detailed, more energetic, with stronger bass. Thanks for your attention and greetings from İstanbul.

Welcome to the forum, ytezel. By all means, if you like the sound of flac, then use flac. Personally, I cannot tell a difference in the sound. Flac will better handle your metadata. I use AIFF and again, I cannot hear the difference between that and flavor WAV. As always, this is just my opinion, not any absolute truth. I actually rip my CDs to two hard drives so that I will always have a current backup. One drive is AIFF, the other flac.

I do the same as Will, and back-up each of those drives (more than one each, actually, being paranoid about drive failures). I do think AIFF sounds very slightly better than FLAC in my system, whether using the Bridge, Auralic Aries or Mac Mini/USB. But your results may vary so go with what sounds best to you.

I prefer the Duck to wav…


personally i can hear only diffrence in dubstep music. Flac format gives me more voices :)

I may post more on this topic but wav or aiff sounds better than flac even when converting from to uncompressed from a flac file. It doesn’t make sense to me but it does sound better, uncompressinf before hand rather than on the fly