We'd like some help with Octave


lock button on top + home button


And then how to get from iPad to computer?


email, iCloud


Access the forum from safari on the iPad, you can browse the photos on it and upload directly from iOS. Or use whatever cloud storage you have available like Dropbox, iCloud Drive or Google Drive/Docs, OneDrive etc.

If you are using a Mac the photo folders should just sync.


Here’s what I see on iPad when browsing my collection. In this case I have searched for “Mozart”. The system has done all the work, I’ve done nothing. Just a small taste of what it does.

And in the @Elk example above with Mozart Requiem - compared to the way he does it - I would just touch the “add to collection” button you see there in the drop down list and I would manually build a dedicated collection of all the Mozart Requiem iterations in the library. I don’t have to navigate any menu tree structures at all.


When I say I’ve done nothing, I mean, all I have done is put the CD in the magic box and everything after that happens automatically to arrive at what you see, without me needing to do anything else. Bear in mind also, these are all classical titles and my hit rate is 100% with full population of everything. There is one covert art missing in that list, I can upload that manually via computer web browser in much the same way as MyPlaylist in the PS environment, but it works much better.

Something for Octave to strive for, but good luck with that.


If by chance something is mis-recognized (very rare), or is not recognized at all, you have the option of doing whatever you want manually via computer, like this…

Time and time again over the years I’ve seen the nay-sayers say they can build what Kaleidescape does for a couple of hundred bucks with off the shelf parts. You can’t. Simple as that.

I do agree however that this capability comes at a price (about what my new Esoteric disc spinner cost, but my disc spinner will have none of the convenience or capability what you see there on the iPad).


Thanks! Great info


If you want to buy a Kaleidescape I know of a used system being sold cheap (owner lives not far from me). He’s a flat broke musician and he needs to sell it to pay his bills.

I’d buy it myself with the aim of flipping it for a tidy profit but I’m flat broke at the moment after my recent purchase.


AirDrop. The only way to go.


The only recommendation I would like from software is what to get my wife for her birthday.

In my new adventures with Roon, it has something called Radio, which isn’t radio, but when the music ends it plays something it think is related. Can someone tell me how Beethoven follows logically from Shostakovich’s 2nd string quartet? The only thing I can think of is that the Shost was premiered by the Beethoven String Quartet in 1944. Too clever by half, just doesn’t work with classical. Radio is now disabled.


With 16 years of software UX and information design under my belt, I plead with you think very hard about edge cases.

Feature creep and accommodating edge cases costs money while opening up the flood gates for more edge case requests.

I tend to do (virtual) moderately structured prototype feedback sessions containing controlled workflows with potential users so I can reduce risk as much as possible. I always invite developers to attend these sessions.


Aye - right… Do you want me to send over some food parcels. :):wink:


She’ll be right, the next pension day isn’t too far off.


In addition to the iPads I have also configured several Philips Pronto Pro remotes which are wall mounted in docking stations around the house for controlling Kaleidscape system music/movie playback. The Pronto control system is bi-direction so it gets album cover art, shuttle control, search functions, etc. The viewable area is about the same size as the DMP touchscreen, and it doesn’t truncate long song title names, and it recognizes whacky characters without going whacky.

I guess when Octave comes along it will support third party control systems similar to Pronto, etc without needing a web browser. Or maybe not.

I never understood only having a 1-way IR control system for a network enabled audio device like DMP. It’s so 1980’s (a dumb IR remote). Not really leveraging the full capability of networked audio. I really thought they would have done an App for it by now, or released the control protocol so a 3rd party developer might have a crack at it. There’s no reason why my Pronto can’t control a DMP in the same way it controls Kaleidescape.


Yes, this is nice. Looks like the same info available through Roon though laid out differently.


I was on the beta-testing team for that iOS app. I think we had it for about 6 months before they went public with it on the App store. And it’s a free app. And no on-going annual license fee to maintain services. I think with Roon you need to pay an on-going fee to maintain services. I have nothing to do with Roon.


Though of course Roon doesn’t sell expensive hardware…