What is the gain of the BHK preamp?

The specs posted on product page for the BHK pre give no value for gain. What is the gain when using the RCA outputs? (I know that with XLR outputs it’s about 6dB higher). I want to compare it with my current preamp.

Unity gain is at 80, so if the volume control goes to 100, and each step is 0.5db one would think 10db.

The specs for my current pre give the gain as 26dB, so I would expect something higher than 10. But I have no idea how these things are calculated. A lower gain would be better since at this point I am running the volume mostly between 24 and 50 (out of 100), with the higher figure only for symphony orchestra or other music with large dynamic range.

You could be right. I was told by PS audio 80 is unity gain, but I run FR/FL on my MCH source through the preamp at 80, and I have the distinct impression, volume at 80 is much louder than the DAC direct route (DAC at 100 in both cases) I used previously.