What were the big demo tracks when you started in hi-fi?

Tricycle by Flim and the BBs. Might be a Minneapolis market thing as they were local. I first heard the opening track, CRANKED, on ADS L910s through a Yamaha CD player and the top line Yamaha electronics. Mind. Blown! I have it on SACD in case I want to navigate the whole nostalgia space.

This one, too! Early “3M Direct to Digital,” which I have on vinyl. (Only way it exists, i think)

I never had the vinyl but I remember the jacket. Funny it was recorded on an obsolete platform at a unique sample rate, yet they were able to reissue numerous times in different formats. Science!

I mean Tricycle, not the LP.

Possibly this:

Analog Productions carries a new pressing of TFTT by Quality Record Pressings that sounds killer! It was the 1st pressing at Quality Record Pressings. Not sure if still available, it was supposedly limited to 1,000 copies…

Have you listened to Tea for the Tillerman 2? it has some different arrangements that are pretty cool!


It’s a great sounding recording, too.

While I always had an interest in music and hifi, there was a step change in my awareness of what a hifi could do after I wandered into a hifi store in my early twenties. I was played Homeless from Graceland through a pair of Spica TC-50 speakers connected to very large amps in a dedicated space. I was in the room with Ladysmith Black Mambazo, and essentially hooked for life at that time. Kudos to the salesman for showing me a pair of relatively affordable speakers and playing a great piece of music that really gave a taste of the high end.

…or, as when Paul Simon went on a health kick - '50 Ways To Love Your Liver" :rofl:

Yes, but only ever side 2! :rofl:


When I started in 1973 it was thin pickings for hi fi in my town, however, ‘Switched On Bach’ was on the platter at the one quality shop (Phase Linear, MacIntosh, Accuphase, AR, Polk, Dual, Thorens), as was ‘Yes, Fragile’ and ‘Aqualung’.



A bit later you couldn’t walk in anywhere without hearing Fresh Aire I, or II.



And then by '77 it was 10cc with ‘How Dare You’ and further Fresh Aires.

For all that, most of us seemed to bring stuff from our own collections which mainly seemed to center on blues - John Mayall, Cream, B.B King and earlier Fleetwood Mac. I was too thick to appreciate good jazz back then…sigh.


I still love to play How Dare You. (And Fragile)


Blue Collar · Bachman-Turner Overdrive

I got my first HIFI system from my dad when he replaced it with a new one. My first active speakers were incl. Philips RH544. My dad taught me about the line-source speaker and that it was the best. My Dad got into trouble with my mom when the kid got a set of IRS home a few years later.