Which Mac Mini?

My Innuos Zen Mk3 isn’t even expensive, cost me £2,000 with a 4tb hard drive fitted.

I agree that there is more cost benefit in keeping noise down and you then don’t need uber expensive gear. I agree that power cables can make a big difference. Also, just let the endpoint do the reclocking.

My big expense was Shunyata cables and distribution. The rest cost pennies. From modem to speakers I only have 6m of copper cable, 3 x 1m of Blue Jeans Cat6a and 3m of Townshend Isolda speaker cable (designed to block external noise). No interconnects and my all in one system has no internal wiring and is in a sealed copper/aluminium box.

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Wayman…The music control app is on a phone or iPad. I was referring to the web app that controls everything about the physical device, rather than the music playback.

The second picture you see is the web app. It’s from my computer and that’s it. You can’t do much except move files around, put in meta data, delete files etc… That’s it. Nothing more comes with this unit.

I just got the Matrix yesterday and did some comparisons with the DMP and my brother is here also.
I’m afraid the DMP is outclassed by the Aurender with the Matrix. Even though the DMP uses a better cable (WW Platinum Starlight 7) and the Aurender uses (Cardas Clear and Kimber HD29), we heard it right away, with same recordings (SACD vs dsd 64 files), the Aurender was clearer, more dimensional, more resolution, more real sounding. And it was quite noticeable, you don’t need much a b on that. The Matrix did benefit from the in line Ifi Purifier though. Without it it was just a little duller. Of course my brother has already start ordering. Now I can say I heard something digital that can outperform the DMP in my own system. Hallelujah!!!

Forgive my ignorance but what is this Matrix you speak of? How does it pair with the Aurender? I have the N100H.


Oh, for goodness sake. Let’s all take a deep breath. If I have ruffled feathers please accept my apologies. Also, try reading my comment again. The Aurender, which is the only streamer I have auditioned here in recent months is better than the Mac mini and
I said so. I also said it wasn’t enough better to scrap the Minis, especially when I am weeks away from our own.

I love the passion, but… Let’s enjoy what remains of the fine weather and then there’s the weekend coming up. :slight_smile:

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The Matrix could be considered an alternate universe, but the pairing is between Neo and Trinity. Who is this Aurender you speak of, and what is the significance of the code N100H -is that the marking on the blue pill?

The Matrix is the Matrix X SPDIF converter. It takes the usb from your computer or streamer and converts it to I2s so you can use the I2s input of your DS. Check out the forum on that.

Cute! :rofl:

Thank You! :+1:

I just try a Ifi 5v power supply with the Matrix and it’s even better than before. Now I feel the Aurender N10 with the Matrix, Ifi Purifier 3, and Ifi 5v power supply even with cheaper cables is really outperforming my analog system consisting a Well Temper Reference, Benz LPS MR, and Esoteric E02 Phono Preamp. The sound is even lower distortion, quieter background, more detail, just as full body, and more air. I think Paul is right, digital has a advantage in measured performance and should sound better as long as your digital is high enough in quality. Brodric would be gloating right now if he heard this.
Oh, I forgot to mention I’m using the DS Sr dac with the Aurender. This incredible dac just keep getting better every time I upgrade something.

Did the Bill Ernst MacMini die? Is going to a new stock MacMini a significant upgrade? It seems that you just did what Bill did to get a bit of improvement.


go to the Pearl Audio website.they are in Portland Oregon,and are a Aurender dealer.they have a whole article on why they went from the Mac Mini to the Aurender as a streamer/server in there store.its a interesting read.thats where I picked up my N100H a couple years ago.by the way I was using a Mac mini for a while that I put in 16 gigs of ram, other than that it was stock.its does not hold a candle to the Aurender,and the one I have is the least expensive in there line up.

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I use an iMac with tons of other software. It’s connected with a 5 m Atlas Element USB SC to the Stellar Gain Cell DAC. And it sounds fantastic.

I don’t hear any difference whatever APP I use additionally to iTunes with BitPerfect playing DSD 128 over DoP. Considering I had no DAC before I am very happy with that set up.

I am awaiting the Stellar Octave server/streamer, with I2S interface and might give it a try at a PS Audio dealer distributor in Europe (PS Audio offers no return policy here).

I highly recommend the new Mac mini - for computing, not audio. It’s very powerful and practical. I have two of them. There are cheaper and better options for music and Roon servers, which has been discussed elsewhere.

Even with one in my office, I still use a Bluesound. It’s just a brilliantly designed device and takes no space at all.

I’ve never heard a bad word about Aurender, they are meant to be fantastic, but slightly above my price range.

The Octave was promised by the end of October. I think it’s the end of October today.

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Did they say which year with the

I use my iMac as server via USB, coming from no decent DAC to the Stellar Gain Cell DAC it currently serves really well. I’ll await the Stellar Octave Server/Streamer with I2S output to accompany the Stellar Gain Cell DAC. As far as I know PS Audio just decided to develop an Octave Server for the Stellar range last month, so no rush, the iMac will serve me well till then.

I am reminded once again of the joke I heard many years ago at a video convention, after hearing the new product announcements from Sony. Someone said, "You know what SONY means, don’t you? “September or October of Next Year” ; )

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No problem, rather a well developed product than the consumer as a guinea pig.

Back on the original question, I’m using a 2014 Mini 2.6GHz I5 with 8GB, using it as a dedicated Roon output device, with OSX slimmed down, as Paul suggests. No need to pay for the latest fastest processor, because they are noisier, and the additional compute will sit idle anyway.
Attached to DS Sr. via the Matrix, it sounds as good as the Auralic Aries G1 that I had for a while, when playing Qobuz and Tidal High-res. (Actually it sounds better now, because of Windom)
BTW, if you are reluctant to buy instead of try the Matrix device, get it through Amazon, where you should get 30-day return privileges, although you probably won’t need to.

That sort of combo is going for $400 on Craigslist. Add another ?$$ for Audirvana and I’m still under $500 altogether. As much as I lust after Inuous or Aurender or Auralic and await the PSAudio streamer…that’s quite a savings