Done with server/software/connection decision angst

Shopping for a server/source was daunting for this ‘certified’ computer dummy. Tried a Small Green Computer but didn’t sound different than the MacBook Air wife had bought me for a retirement present and that I pressed into service via iTunes with a 10ft long USB cable to connect to my DSJ.

Actually considered a NuPrime CDT-8 Pro transport via I2S to avoid all the computer complications. Note my entire library is based on CDs that I still have. But soul searched if I wanted to get off my old ass to change CDs and limit myself to Redbook. And of course looked into the usual suspects, but wanted to keep the total outlay around/under $2,000 USD.

Thanks to Jeff of Arabica I scored a nicely setup Mac mini system complete with RAID that I plan on using for backup, Audirvana 3.5 (beta version) and USB cable, all under budget. Jeff was super to help with installation. Now no more worries about which server, which software, and which connection. This was the last step in a total replacement/upgrade of my system (new monitors, DSJ, subs, additional treatments, and rack/stands). So now I can sit back and enjoy. Thanks Jeff!!


Good for you, now it’s time to listen…

I am super excited that you are happy with the setup! The decision to purchase and what to purchase is never simple or easy, especially when it is bought on good faith that it will perform as advertised. I was very confident you would pleased with the server setup and it is nice to hear that you are happy with the SQ and are able to now just sit back and listen. :relaxed:

Let me know when that cable arrives and we will get the RAID enclosure loaded up with the saved files from your MBA. Happy Sunday!


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Can you add some context? Not sure of the intent of your post.

Just a server option that has worked well for me.

I use my imac for iTunes and am also running the Audirvana 3.5 beta - via usb as it doesn’t play nicely with my DSJ over ethernet. Maybe a purpose built server one day - Antipodes, Innuos, Aurender etc, etc

That’s interesting. Loaded the 3.5 beta on the Mac Mini, streaming via Ethernet and USB to DSJ with no issue. Running High Sierra OSX so not sure if the your version of OSX has something to do with your troubles or some other software on your iMac that may be conflicting.

Out of curiosity, what Mac Mini setup did you recommend to the OP?

I’m running Mojave 10.14.4. I’ve previously asked PS Audio and Audirvana about this - both organisations that have very good customer service but both kinda pointed at the other as the likely culprit!

Here is a link that describes the entire system that I sold to @jlm: Incredible performing TURNKEY modified Mac Mini Music Server/Streamer System + LPS + Storage + EXTRAS! [SOLD]

You know what, I misinterpreted your first post I believe. After re-reading it, I understand you are having issued streaming to the Bridge via Ethernet, but streaming via USB works fine?

The Mini discussed in this thread is connected via the DS Jr. through USB, not the Bridge card.

It is a beta, so I remain confident that whatever you are experiencing with the ethernet-based connection will be resolved in due time. I actually prefer the USB input connection on the DS DAC compared to the Bridge.

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