Which Subwoofer? System: Krell EVO222pre, BHK250, Vienna Acoustics The Kiss

Any users? Looking for some advise; was looking for REL T7/i but read some issues regarding hum. I am situated in The Netherlands.

Why the connection between BHK250 and subwoofer in the topic title, what does BHK250 have to do with it? You mean, a subwoofer without internal amp to be connected to the BHK250?

The OP is interested in suggestions for compatible subwoofers, concerned that the REL T/7i may introduce hum.

Check out this thread.

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We do have a grounding kit that we can send you if you get the hum. We worked with REL to develop the kit and it works really well.

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@Brodric, I changed the topic title to give some more info.
@amsco15 read the thread thank you!, which made me realize, most people use go direct from DSD to amp. i use a separate pre amp with PWT and DSD as source. Hope to get some useful info.
@Jamesh I am here also to find out if the hum is a common problem with all subs or only Rell. Thank you for your offer; we’ll see what this thread brings. Regards all at PSA

Thank you Elk. This shows that each has it’s own perception what’s a clear description or not. Appreciate your intermediate.

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Don’t want to speak for Jamesh but I’m pretty sure the hum issue has to do with the balanced nature of the BHK amps and high level inputs (directly from the speaker terminals of the BHKs) to the REL subs. If you’re using LFE inputs or an unbalanced input into the subs, the hum issues discused won’t be a factor.

@amsco15: You mean; straight from the pre-amp?

Unbalanced (RCA) would be directly from the pre-amp. The issue comes from the balanced nature of the BHKs and connecting from the speaker terminals of the BHK to REL subs. Look at a cut sheet and wiring description of the REL hi level input.

@amsco15: oh man, I need to do some homework… I am just a bit confused: I have balanced out and RCA out on my pre; should I also make a connection to my BHK? Sorry for my ignorance.

Look at the REL site to see what I’m talking about. If you connect to the sub through your pre-amp, there is little likelihood of a hum issue. If you choose to use the high level input of the REL subs, from a BHK amp, you will have to take steps as discussed in the linked thread.

BTW, I attached wiring diagrams, in that thread, that I obtained from PSA and the REL web site that shows how to connect from BHK 250 OR 300s to the REL high level inputs. PSA will send you the ground lug for the asking.

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@amsco15: Thanks; again, I’ll have another look at the thread and the Rell-site first, before asking another question.

[This is meant as a serious reply]

Buy TWO of the biggest and best subwoofers you can afford.

REL Acoustics, JL Audio and SVS are popular and well-reviewed brands these days.

Depending on your placement flexibility, I am sold on the REL approach [“high-level” connection b/t amp(s) and subwoofer(s)] in that it makes intuitive sense.

At the risk of sounding snobbish, the greater the frequency range of the subwoofer (usually = more $$) the more inclined I would be to take the “high-level” connection approach.

The more bells and whistles (DSP, phase and “q” adjustments, etc.) the better if you are buying just one sub, in my opinion.

Have fun.

[PS: Spend some time on the REL website. You will find it very informative.]

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@Scotte1: Thanks, and after reading Rell site: what with the wireless option?

I have no experience with their wireless approach. My instinct (ignorance?) is to be skeptical. They are a credible company though. Maybe someone else can chime in about wireless performance…?

@vsopking. The hum problem is relatively easy to solve and will cost you an extra $50 for a ground wire kit from Rel. PS Audio will send you a free grounding post for your BHK that you can easily install. I have 2 rel carbon ltd subs connected to 2 bhk 300s and have no hum and I am no mechanical genius. If I can do this you can also. Email Rel and tell them what amp you have. They will tell you what you need. Good luck on your subwoofer journey.

@minnesotafats: Thank you for your reaction. I will visit a local dealer and with the info from you and others, it’ll give me some matters to discuss-and listen.