Which volume control should i use? GCC or PWD?

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i was wondering which volume control i should use in my system and which is better in terms of sound quality?

I have a GCC-250 GainCellControl amplifier and a PerfectWave DACMKII

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This question comes up a lot. For one response to a similar question, see here.

Here is a search pointing to a number of discussions of this and related topics: click.

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Thank you Elk :slight_smile:

My English is not the best but i think the best way is to set the PWD to 100 and control the volume with my GCC-250, right?

Thanks for you help and many greetings


Yes, this is exactly what I would recommend. If you’re using the GCC-250 in the first place then the signal’s always going through the gain Cell and turning its volume up and down will always be neutral in sound quality. So yes, turn the PWD up to 100 and use the GCD to control system volume.

DomiJi said

Thank you Elk :slight_smile:
My English is not the best . . .


You are very welcome. We are happy to have you here.

And your English is excellent.

Thank you so much for this awesome support!

I have a last question and i don’t want to start another thread so maybe you can help me again :slight_smile:

I was asking myself if it’s better in terms of sound quality to leave the PerfectWave DAC permanently on/standby? Cause it’s becoming pretty warm in my rack. If this is not a problem then i will leave it on all the time. But i was always a bit afraid that it could be too warm.

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Leaving the DAC on from the rear power switch is all that’s necessary. The front standby button (PS logo) merely shuts off the display and outputs but the DAC itself stays on and sounding good. So standby away, just leave the rear power switch engaged on.