Will sub's be encouraged in a 2-channel set-up with the FR30's?

Totally understand. I was just trying to remind folks that you can have a noisy room with flat frequency response with or without subs. A noisy non diffused room normally lacks sonic clarity.


Ah, I was not so swift to pick up on that point. Full agreement.

This is another good piece from the folks at Acoustic Science Corporation. I like the way they talk about the timing of the notes we hear. I find their monthly emails are helpful reminders of the importance of room treatments.


Well, I would agree with many points of this discussion for sure.

We’re still preparing some marketing materials on the FR-30 but I can share that the low frequency cutoff is -6 db at 27 Hz. With a reflex/passive radiator enclosure, the roll-off below this is rather steep but you’ll see typically see extension from 20-25 Hz in-room. Still, as other mention, the benefit of multiple subs/ LF sources will help smooth the response wider listening area.

Please keep in mind that, if you listen to dynamic music in the bass and want a subwoofer that “keeps up” with the speaker, you’ll need something pretty potent. A pair of FR-30, with their 8 x 8" woofers and 8 x 10" passive radiators is capable of ~120 dB (in half space) from 25 hz and up with (when driven with 600 watts x 2) at the klippel rated Xmax of the woofers. Of course, you won’t want to listen full range at that level, but the system is certainly capable of it in the low frequencies, so that it has very low distortion at more moderate levels and a feeling of effortless bass dynamics.


Sounds pretty impressive for sure!

I fully understand the concept of “keeping up” because, as frequency descends from the mains, each octave lower requires an exponentially larger air moving capability. As an example, in my system, the “mains” are dual 12’s, and the low frequency section consists of 8x15’s per side. Currently using 72 Hz as the cross-over point.