Would you put a $7,000 cartridge on a $4,500 turntable?

I thought long and hard about buying a Soundsmith cartridge before ordering the Hana Umami for my SL-1210GAE. I was interested in the Paua Mk II but learned that Peter Ledermann and his whole team were really hit hard by COVID-19, and as a result they are backed up with orders and re-tips. This isn’t to say you should not consider them. Though I have never heard any of their cartridges, the Interwebs are full of glowing reviews, and the Tube of You has a few folks posting regularly using Soundsmith cartridges–even with that site’s compression and limited dynamics, they sound great!

Dr Shaw you should check my friends site Korf Audio blog he did tests on headshells I have 2 of the new ones and one old one I use on SL1210GAE
[Korf Audio](https://Korf Audio)