Turntable Recommendations under $2500..?

Hi folks

I just bought a TT and love having vinyl back in the house.

BUT…the thing is a dud and I’m sending it back for a refund.

Any suggestions out there for a decent TT under $2500?

I am using a LFD phono stage.
BHK preamp.

Much appreciated!


I suggest you look for a used TT like a VPI Prime or something like that . You usually can find pretty good bargains for turntables on Audiogon.


thanks way11. Both VPI and Project are on the top of my radar…so far. cheers!

you may be already aware of them, but The Music Room often has good deals on used stuff https://tmraudio.com/.

thanks stonefree…checking out TMR now. cheers.

Also check out usaudiomart. You might find a nice table from a local seller.

VPI Scout! - They can be had used for a great price.

Thought I’d mention the Clearaudio Emotion Second Edition (get it without a cart then choose the one you prefer and mates best with your lovely preamp), if anything to give you another option.


I agree…Rega. The RP 6 would be in your price range with a good cart.

Try the GemDandy PolyTable from George Merrill in Memphis, Tennessee. I love mine!


Rega P8

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thanks JP. The GemDandy looks super interesting - will check that out for sure! thanks man

sweet looking TT! I’ve been looking at the Clear Audio tables too.

Would it be better to have an external power supply for the motor?



thanks tony22 - US Audio Mart and CAM are my go to sites for gear. love it.

I used to have a little 50wpc Rega integrated and loved the sound.
There’s a ton of Rega TT’s listed for sale on the used sites…

on many of the Rega TT’s, I noticed the drive belt wraps around a smaller disc underneath the platter vs. wrapped around the platter itself.

are there disadvantages to this type of design…?

Not that I know if. They’ve been doing it the same way for ever. I don’t have a Rega deck, but mine uses the same system but with two motors. These are Rega belts, the $15 upgrade versions. They developed new belt material for the P10, but you can’t buy them as replacements (yet). Given the choice now, money no object, I’d get a P10, or two P10’s as my deck has two arms.

This is the P10 bearing. It’s a work of art and incredibly good for the cost of the unit.

The P10 has this bearing in a brass housing sitting in an aluminium plinth. All manufactured to extreme tolerances. My turntable is made the same way, to tolerances of about 10 microns.

I know how expensive my turntable costs to make as I know the designer and they have their own CNC equipment that cost $millions. Given their quality, the P8 and particularly the P10 seem incredible value for money. I think the reason is that they are made in such large quantities.

This is the bearing from my deck, and the housing. Same idea but slightly different design, but my deck has a 10kg platter whereas the Rega is probably only 1-2kg.


+1 on Rega tables. You could find a used RP8 or even RP10 if you’re lucky for around $2k to $2500 without cart.

Save up and get this with the Alpheta 3. Or move to the UK where it’s a bit cheaper.


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