16 bit with the computer or cd { for the dac?

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I had listen to many of Paul´s youtube videos about cd and computer,nas etc;
Paul said jitter affect the sound. Also i read some threads in this forum that touch about this subject;

but still i feel i really dont get a answer to my wonder, that is this:


I myselft like many people have cd and also rip cd to a computer and listen the wav or flac file of that ripped cd via usb cable to a very good dac or at least a dac that is much better than a internal cd dac:

but now if i connect a cd player via coaxial to the same dac would the sound be better, what are your opinions etc? so i short:

rippet cd in a internal harddrive of a computer or external harddrive ssd or usb memory conected via usb cable to the computer then to the dac via usb cable

or cd player coaxial or toslink to the same dac

technically which should sound better or whit less jitter
well any thoughts etc are welcome

I know many cd had also many other digital outputs but im focusing now in cheap models that usualy have only coacial and toslink

I wonder this like many sure do, would it be good if i buy a cd player and connect that to the dac or better save my 50 or 100 dollars that the cd player used or new would cost me and buy some more cd? one thing i notice is that computer use to have that fan sound ok is not to much but at least cd players dont have that fan sound, any way;


Good sound quality depends on much more than jitter or lack thereof.

I would recommend listening to both and choose whichever you prefer. Playing the rip is far more convenient. No question.

Sound is personal. Each individual has a hearing system unique to them.

If you don’t already have a CD player or transport, I would not buy one. A good one costs ~$1500 or more USD

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i will try but im kind of person that i prefer not to spend money if there is not big differences; what are your conclutions when comparing that 2 method?

now writing this a thought came to my mind:

there would be not differences if the cd is played via dvd player, bluray or cd player right?

I think you misread. I’m recommending you not buy a player.

I stopped playing CDs years ago.

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Completely agree with Mr Brett66 - I have CD player, a bluray player, I use neither as the ripped CDs sound great and it’s way more convenient :slight_smile:


truly true i bought a second hand cdplayer for 20 dollars and the computer dac sound better than the dacs of my internal cd; but soon i try the coaxial cable, any way the sound of the cdplayer is not so much bad at all, in fact it sound very good!! And i even listen more quiet than the computer fan sound, even when listening at normal level the fan like sound is gone, but it feels more “black” background with the cd :grinning:

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