Digital Audio input to PC

I inherited a Directstream DAC & a DirectStream Memory Player. I want to rip CDs & import uncompressed audio. Currently, I am playing my digital collection via USB to DAC to speakers. How do I get Memory Player or other digital components to send audio to PC?

Your best bet, is to do it a different way, buy a usb CD player if your pc does not have one and use dbpoweramp software to rip your cds much quicker. It also compares the checksums of your rip against its database and tells you if there are any problems. It also gives you a jpg of the cd cover as well.

You “inherited” ? Wow !!! Is the DSD capable DirectStream Jr. or Sr DAC or is it the older PCM only one ?

Foobar2000 is another way to rip CD’s for free but I always rip them in their native 44.1/16 and never had luck with meta data/Artwork. As much as I hated iTunes (no longer of any use frankly), it did do a good job ripping CD to Apple Lossless and retrieving metadat/artwork.

@bmitd67: This^. And, I can vouch for dbpoweramp software. Easy to use and does what it is supposed to do very well.

Good luck.

Thanks for the suggestions. What about other media? I have DAT is want to put on a HD, will either PS Audio component be helpful for that?

Yes, these components were just a small part of a very generous gift from a friend. It took my stereo to a whole different level!


I would be interested to know how to import dat into a pc / laptop. In the old days you could do that with toslink via Soundblaster PC Card, but I would like to know how to do it with a laptop, I guess you need a toslink to usb converter but I don’t know if they exist. Once imported you would then have to split the dat file into individual tracks

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Back in the old days, I had a soundcard for this and I used to do a lot of editing but I am still trying to wrap my head around this new level of digital audio. There’s a lot of new language and tech from when all I had/needed was a toslink or coax soundcard.