44.1 from discs or hi-rez downloads to replace missing music?

Getting back into audio equipment last year after a long lapse I decided to copy all of my old CD’s to FLAC files on my NAS. Along that path I discovered that I am missing appx 150 CD’s that I have jackets for but no discs. As near as I can figure they were in a carrying case that was in a vehicle that I sold in 2016. The vehicle went out of state and I no longer can contact the buyer to see if he has any info.

So the question is would you rather buy the missing physical CD if available and rip to 44.1 or buy a hi-rez file version of the music online instead?

If a hi-rez file is available , where to stop on resolution? 16/44, 24/96, 24/192 if available? Most is available as 16/44, some is available in higher resolution. Some only in the used secondary market.

What about DSD 2.8, 5.6, 11.2 if available?

Not trying to start any arguments, just looking for the general consensus in this group. You all seem very knowledgeable and willing to share your experience.

Most new music I have been buying as hi-rez downloads in the highest or nearly highest resolution available. I did a quick search here and didn’t come up with much info.

Equipment is DSJr > BHK Preamp > M700 monoblocks > Focal Utopia HP or Tekton Design Electron speakers. Most likely will move to DS Sr later this year.

Thanks for your help

Hi Baldy, I’ve yet to hear a hirez recording and say “that sounds better”.
different yes, better no. Save your money and get the CDs

Read up here on my experience… in short, just buy the CDs.

Bruce in philly

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Hi Baldy,
I have about 75 CDs that I kept after donating several hundred to a friend’s thrift store. If you have a list of your missing, I will review and send you what I have for the shipping cost. Genre is rock, alternative, folk and a couple country, no classical. All are in like new condition.
When you are finished, pass on to your local thrift.

BTW, does anyone know if there is any such thing as hi-rez flac?

Yes, there is.

Really, I learn everyday. I am curious. I am super-very happy with Flac but never thought to ask. Where can I go to research, any recommendations.

Many Thanks for your help,

HD Tracks

Quite awesome of you.

I wish I read this when two full cd binders were swiped out of my jeep in VA. But is was over 20 years ago :slight_smile:


Are you suspecting me :smile: I was in VA/MD area in 1980-1982.

Audio peeps, I can’t think of a better group to help.

Well, lets see,

Were you coming out of a talent agency next to inner ear recording studio when a cool looking overtalented guy pulled up in a jeep and left all his music in the front seat?

I KNEW IT ! It was only a matter of time.

I would start with the thrift stores that are top heavy with used cds, you may find what you are missing for pennies on the dollar, though condition can be an issue.

Next stop would be a dedicated second hand music vendor, not as cheap as a thrift store, but a better shot at a cd in good condition.

If you are a risk taker, you could search the music newsgroups for full rez music downloads, I have tried this with success sourcing content that was not available in the US.

Downloading Hi Rez has been a crap shoot for me, some albums sound great, some ok and some just awful. These were from the on-line retailers.

Hi Rez downloads via Qobuz Sublime have mostly been a very good experience and you can stream the album before you purchase it.

@chris5 Thanks for the advice. I have been buying replacements and have large part of the missing discs replaced and then today I thought I would check with you all for advice. I guess I will keep going looking for replacement discs.

@bruce-in-philly That’s the exact thread I was looking for but couldn’t find. I must have not got the search term correct. It looks like by that thread there may be some good hi-rez files available but they need to be correctly done to be a value. I have some current files from HD tracks, Blue Coast, Pro studio masters that are pretty nice. Also some that are not so special.

@1cdfoley I will look my list over and send you a PM with what I am still missing. Mostly '70’s thru '90’s rock with a little funk and country thrown in. I would consider anything over 44/16 to be hi-rez. I have been scrounging thru the local used music stores but there are a lot of non recordable duds. They are good about taking them back though which helps.

@mrderrick I have checked with the local thrift shops and scored a few nice ones for $1.00 ea. I’ll keep looking in surrounding small towns. Thanks for the tip. I have also had some good luck buying used from Amazon. So far no duds and he prices are as good or better than the used music store. I don’t have Qobuz yet but do plan on getting a subscription.

Thanks to everyone for the help. This is really a great bunch to hang out with

Yeah, buy the CD. As others have mentioned. No place for HDTracks etc for me.

For what it’s worth, here is my 2-cent contribution to this thread…

Owning a music library is so last century. LOL

Get yourself a subscription to Tidal or Qobuz (when they get out of beta). Not only will you have access to the 160 CD’s you can no longer find, but you will also gain access more music than you would ever know what to do with.

You can always choose to spot-buy digital albums from the likes of HDTracks if you ever feel you really need to own something.

You should also check out Roon. It does a great job in helping you to manage all of those digital assets in your library as well as the music available from your subscription. Finally it will also enrich your music library it with tons of data about the groups and people who were involved in the making of all of that music.

Best of luck with your decision.

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Agree with mycrowave. Tidal or Qobuz will have all your missing CD’s online, and, as a bonus, probably multiple versions and/or current remasters. You can purchase CD quality or better downloads of the special ones to own in your library from a variety of sources mentioned above (hdtracks, qobuz, nativedsd). I only buy physical CDs when that particular version or master is not available online, and then I quickly rip them into my library. Roon is a good suggestion too.

@mycrowave That’s funny. Most of what is missing is last century stuff.
I do have a Roon / Tidal subscription and like both. I just bought a Roon Nucleus + to take the load off my laptop and also not have to have it running all the time. My music is on a NAS but I had the core on my laptop machine.

@pbphoto I will also get a subscription to Qobuz once the beta is done and everything is up to speed. Do I understand that you can purchase music directly from Qobuz?

Thanks all

Yes one can buy music directly from Qobuz and the hires they offer (great discount with Qobuz Sublime) is native, never upsampled by Qobuz.

@wijber Thanks for letting me know. There seems to be a lot of buzz about Qobuz :grin:

@1cdfoley I sent you a PM with the list. Let me know if you got it ok.