Quick thoughts on first Hi-Res audio listening

I have finally gotten my new system setup, a Stellar GCD, a pair of M700s, and Maggie 1.7i. In my hope that this is a sufficiently resolving system, I have given Hi-Res audio a listen, which was streamed from Tidal via Roon to my Chromecast Audio. (Why won’t Tidal just allow casting of Hi-Res directly from the app?)

From a cursory listening of various high res albums, limited to 24/96, a few descriptors of the sound that come to mind are “thick” and “buttery”. At least that’s how it strikes me, and I love it. Does that make any sense to anyone?

I’ll of course keep listening carefully, but these are just my first thoughts.

What have I gotten myself into?

I’d say more ambience and more refined (easiest to hear on top end), better decay, less harsh on micro level.

Sacd sounds really good on my DMP but I prefer redbook. With cd playback…the recording venue has a lot more air and ambience whereas sacd seems to suck the life out of a recording. For me,the DMP with redbook makes sacd moot. As always…ymmv

For me, hi-res PCM seems slightly ‘edgier’ than RBCD. It suits some recordings better than others. On balance I prefer it but it has not been a life-transforming experience.

Hopefully you’ve gotten yourself into a world of a lot of good music. Enjoy!

Using Qobuz on OSX, as I presume Paul will do using his Mac mini, you can switch bitrate mid track. Doing that at the moment on Jakob Br / Red Hook, indeed it is not life changing.

I think such comparisons should be done with exceptional recordings with i.e. lots of ambience and refined cymbal sound.

Beware… Don’t become a victim of emotional projection… Just because it is HiRez does not at all mean it is better.

Bruce in Philly