A genuinely negative review-BW 606

Wow. He pulls no punches. I’m impressed.


I know nothing about the B&Ws but would place a lot more credence in Mr. Syrup and his views, if his partner would show herself! Talk about being on the federal witness protection program! And he should stop finishing her thoughts with his words.
That said, yes an unusually blunt review.

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Ouch! He should send those speakers to Danny at GR Research, for a full analysis of parts quality, and a redesign of the crossover.


Agreed. I thoroughly enjoy Danny’s videos even though most of it goes over my head.


In another video, Andrew says room acoustics and individual hearing curve determine what speakers one should select. He says that speakers that sound harsh to him, do sound ok to Kristie because he hears very well all the way upto 19kHz, but she does not. Wonder how he gets away with that.

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My bride lost most of the hearing in her left ear a few years back. It makes listening to music really difficult because it bothers her quite a lot. Sadly it’s driven me to use headphones more as well as moving my stereo down into the basement. A small price to pay considering what she does put up with wrt her husband.



Well said.

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Steve Guttenberg recently posted an interesting video giving insight into his philosophy on negative reviews.


@Palouse Look up Andrew’s earliest videos if you want to know what she looks like.

Honestly, your the second Old Geezer I’ve run into that’s asked that same question.

Why ?

My Wife doesn’t want to be in any of my YT Channel’s Video’s.

I honestly hope she doesn’t appear on camera. But I’ve always enjoyed Andrew’s channel both for the production quality, his insight and extremely wide variety of products. I also enjoy his Wife’s no bulls hit comments on products he likes and she doesn’t :slightly_smiling_face:.

I don’t want to know what she looks like; I just think people offering public opinions—positive or negative–ought to have the decency and courage to be visible.


Wow indeed. He sure didn’t like it. But he could have delivered the same message, leaving nothing out but repetitiveness in half the time.


The reason why I rarely click on any video review or the like. Too much time wasted I will never get back.

While I greatly prefer written reviews, many are now as repetitive and bloated as their video counterparts.


Kudos to the pithy, rare as they are.


Regarding YouTube videos in general I get the impression there is some form of benefit associated with video length and the ability to hold a viewer’s interest through the end of the video. I wholeheartedly agree most are jammed full of repetitiveness.
The one video I watched last night that is worthy and recommended is from Paul’s Posts David Hildebrand’s The Quest for Absolute Sound:

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Thank God, I thought it was only me. I can’t stand 99% of the YouTube stuff. Same with podcasts. Learn to write and just write it out. But even that anymore is dumbed down so much…I try and read reviews and they’re written almost to a template “What is the widget? The widget is a stereo enhancer that…”. It’s all about “increasing engagement”. It’s driving me off the internet. I spend less and less time online because the level of junk is so overwhelming……… oh well. Thank God for this forum. I still need y’all in my life!

Mike in Dayton


Exactly correct

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Different take on the B&W 606 speakers.

Agreed re youtube. I want to read it. I bet most people can read faster than a youtube video plays, and I’ve found youtube reviews far too simplistic.

And I find most written reviews effectively meaningless, and quite possibly the worst source of input re any sort of buying decision.

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The point of video and written reviews is too introduce you to new gear that you may what to check out for yourself at some point. They’re meaningless in the sence that they don’t and can’t convey how they really sound.

Neither can a YouTube video. Instead of reading a review, I’m just having it effectively read to me. I don’t appreciate that infantilization and monopolization of my time. I guarantee I can read and comprehend faster than anyone can speak to me.

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I enjoy reading and watching reviews of audio gear. The advantage of watching a review, for me at least, is getting a better sense of the level of enthusiasm the reviewer has for a product, as well as seeing the reviewers system and room.

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