B&W 607s? Am I crazy?

So I am auditioning a pair of B&W 607s right now on my Stellar system. I’ve always assumed that I wouldn’t like B&W because I heard so much negativity about them from audiophiles.

I have to say, they are pretty nice. I almost exclusively listen to classical music. And I have to say, they seem very accurate. Violins sounds like violins, etc. You can hear the whistle of an e-string on a violin, for example - probably owing to the tweeter than I’ve heard many describe as harsh. There is surprisingly good bass coming from this little box.

I heard one YouTube reviewer say the 607s give you 90% of what a pair of LS50s can do. That’s what made me give them a listen at home. I’ve always wanted LS50s but like the price of these much better?!

I’m curious, any other BW fans out there. Am I crazy? Is there something that I am missing here?


If you like a bright high end B&W’s are great. But I do find them a bit too bright.

I don’t think you are missing anything. Let your head/ear guide you to the best sound that fits your budget. I like Focal and Dynaudio as to me they have great sound and fit many budgets (and some say Focal are pretty bright) but if you have a chance compare. B&W has quite a following. I have not owned them so maybe someone will chime in with better experience. Good luck…

When you find a speaker in your price range that you like after living with it for a while in your own system, regardless of other opinions, you’re not crazy, you’re home.


Not only is it about your taste, its about system synergy. Enjoy.


When I was shopping for speakers for my modest system a few years ago I dealt with Crutchfield because of their free two way shipping to Hawaii and Upscale Audio in LA. I auditioned 6 speakers at home.

Kevin Deal at Upscale thought the Sonus Faber in my $2000 budget we’re not very good, especially the lesser known, made in Italy (not China) Chameleon T. He really liked Focal in that price range, he said “now that’s a speaker”. And I also tried a Stereophile A rated PSB speaker that was on sale.

Contrary to expert advice, the Sonus Faber Chameleon T sounded clearly superior to me than the Focal, PSB and Monitor Audio speakers I tried. Kevin Deal hated the T’s!

Which is to say, as others have pointed out, if you love the B&W’s, keep them and don’t allow internet opinions to sway you.


The YouTube reviewer is not you,
You are not the reviewer,
You’re on the right track don’t digress.
Listen, a lot. Trust your ears.
Then enjoy your music. You’ve arrived.


If you’ve listened to others to compare, you may be good. Comparisons are a must. What seems great, may only be, ok, once others are compared.

If you can get a trial and listen to them on your system in your room, that’s the ticket. Not always an option though.

I also listen mostly to classical music (at home and at live concerts), I used to play the piano and I own B&Ws.
They sound like live music to me.

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I have always been a B&W fan. They are honest speakers and reveal what is fed to them. So much of the claim of brightness is due to the electronics that feed the music to them. Yes I felt my 801 Matirix Series 2 where a bit bright but I totally reworked the crossovers and got them where i want them to be. My 800 Matrix have never been bright. They have been able to reveal every change i have made to my system. I love them being driven by my BHK250 BHK preamp Directstream DAC DMP NPC all powered by my P10!


B&W DM2A were my first serious speakers, great sonics powered by a Quad 33/405 combo. My brother in law to whom i sold is very happy with them, still delivering wonderful music… :grinning:

I think it’s worth mentioning that lots of classical recordings (and not only classical) have been monitored on B&Ws during production. 801s for example…

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Yes typically paired with Pass amps.

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