Acoustics of (an old) house with massive log construction

I’d like to get some specific insight on how the inherent acoustics are in my listening room.
It’s a very antique house with massive aged log walls (not round, approximately rectangular log). Since the surface has been chiseled to shape by hand, there’s no absolutely planar sections of wall at the centimeter level, let’s say at the scale of an inch. Each wall log is somewhat cracked along the center also. Also between the logs is stuffed an old moss/cotton/(dunnowhatisit) insulation, so I assume these spacings would both absord some high frequency and also act as diffusers?
The room is 60m^2 and 3m high, with six supporting logs dividing the ceiling.
So, the whole room is all in all very dense, aged wood. I’d assume the material and its surface irregularities are very beneficial to acoustics.