Add Bridge 2 or go with X SDIF 3?

Aloha - am wondering if I should get the Bridge 2 and add it to my system (running innuos zen mk3, so no DSD and no Bridge so no MQA) or just add the matrix x-sdif 3 to be able to get the better sound using hmdi into i2s?

I have a McIntosh amp, but am obsessing over the BHK amp close-out sale so wondering if I will be able to save money before they run out! Also, I almost feel like a heretic or I’m cheating on my wife, but am not even using my McIntosh preamp anymore, instead just running everything through my PS Audio DSD and it does sound ‘better’ I think depending on the input. Wow, so glad I stepped out of my analogue universe and gave PS Audio a try. You know how hard it is to get a Dead Head McIntosh Analogue lover to do that AND admit it might be just as good or better?! Kudos to PS Audio.

P.S. would i need an external power supply if I ran a USB form the Zen to the matrix and then from the matrix to the DSD?

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I have a bridge that I used in my DS MKI with ROON. Worked great. I up graded to MKII is no longer need. I can sell it to you for a reasonable price. let me know if interested

Aloha ScottPScott, is this a Bridge 2 unit? Interested but wondering about price/logistics.

Yes the Bridge II card. Send me thoughts on a what you think is a fair price. I am in NJ and can ship easily enough.

I did both the Matrix 2 route and the Bridge 2 route. I, unlike a weird number of others always thought listening through the Bridge 2 was like being wrapped in a warm blanket. I could do it endlessly. But the Matrix route required so many cables and a power supply and blah blah blah. It sounds good though.

In my opinion you can save a lot of fuss and bother with the Bridge 2. They are usually available for under $500 and all you need is an inexpensive Ethernet cable. Say in the range of $200 to $300.

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thanks appreciate that feedback… am likely heading downn that route…

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am seeing them priced anywhere between 250 and 500… would 350 work? do you have a serial number? mahalo

send me an email to

I will send pics in return

Thanks Scott

At what volume do you run the dac directly to the McIntosh amp ? Assuming you have the Zen set at 100. Btw I have the same unit. Excellent unit and Sense app is super.

i was running it at 100 into the pre amp, but now using the dac as preamp directly to amp so using volume at levels usually 50 - 100 for liatening.

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