Does Anyone Like the Bridge II?

Have read so many threads deriding the Bridge II. Wondering if anyone prefers its SQ to USB? And if yes, do you use Roon or something else?

Does Bridge II have a similar effect as a MicroRendu or SOTM in terms of separating a noisy Mac (or PC) from the DS, or DSJ in my case?

Yes!! I love the Bridge! I have used it from early on (Bridge I and II). I have had nothing but success and enjoyment using the bridge. It took some work but is 100% stable in my system. I use JRiver and JRemote and love both programs very much.

Keep in mind, I get it to work and don’t compare. I’m happy with the sound and don’t feel the need to fus anymore. Others can compare if they’d like.

Edit: please, please, please…PS Audio fix album art correctly!

I didn’t have an issue with the sound, I had an issue with it changing the volume when I didn’t want the volume changed. That bug was around in at least 2 different incarnations for a long time, I’m not sure if they eventually fixed it. Fortunately the volume always went down, so it never damaged anything. Just an inconvenience from time-to-time.

Another Bridge II supporter here. Using Roon to play from my Synology NAS. Using Tidal linked thru Roon and like both.

Nucleus+ w/ AQVOX-SE into Bridge II. Works fine… when I upgrade my streamer down the road, going I2S into DS DAC, get rid of Bridge II. To be clear, it has worked flawlessly.

Yes I love my Bridge II in my DSjr. I use Roon and the days of putting a CD in a player is long gone. The integration of the bridge card is one of the major reasons why I have a DSjr.

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Same here , really like the Bridge 2, feeding the Bridge 2 via a roon nucleus streaming local nas high res content and Tidal. To me it sounds fantastic and the roon integration is spot on

Purchased the DS about 5 years ago. Very eager to try streaming those days but knowing Bridge II was in the make decided to wait. Ordered one the day it was released, from the first day of use very happy, loving the offered quality and options.

After i bought my Melco with it’s ethernet purifier and re-clocking everything changed even for the better. And, given Melco’s Qobuz and Tidal integration, now i can switch between the Melco-ed Bridge II and USB. Both sound great, Bridge II offers fully unfold MQA but in my configuration -using Audioquest Diamond USB & RJ/E- prefer playing through usb.

However on this very moment i’m a very happy Bridge user on behalf of the fact that my Melco is in London replacing a failed audio-grade SSD…:tired_face:

You helped me out a few years ago sorting out network problems. This process led to the Bridge II becoming rock-solid reliable. I also use JRiver and JRemote to manage things.
For ultimate SQ I use the DMP though.

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I had an UltraRendu and Uptone ultra cap power supply when I originally got my DS Jr. the first of this year. Using a SonicTransporter i7 DSP (with isolated ethernet output) to the Bridge II and USB from the UltraRendu to the DS Jr., controlled via Roon/Tidal combo. I spent a lot of time going back and forth between the inputs and listening for days at a time to one, then the other and feel confident saying that for me, in my system, the difference was negligible at best and had no problem selling the ultraRendu and Uptone power supply. Been very happy with the Bridge II since.

I have defaulted to using the Bridge II network card for almost all of my listening. It outperforms spinning discs from a Denon DVD 2900 Universal Player via coaxial connection. I have never bothered with a USB/computer set up or a glass connection from the Denon, so I can’t offer any comparisons of these inputs to the Bridge to you. FWIW, digital files via the Bridge have provided the best sound I have ever heard from the DAC (DS Sr.); and my system in general.

My network is based on ripped and downloaded tracks stored on my iMac and rendered via JRiver Media Center over Wi-Fi to a router and then to the DAC/Bridge via ethernet. I have added TP-Link media converters between the router and an ethernet switch and an iFi iPower DC power supply for the switch feeding the DAC, as well as some Wireworld Cat8 ethernet cables [Starlight and Chroma Cables], in an attempt to guard against any network noise. All-in-all, JRMC and the bridge work very well together.


Mine works exactly as advertised and while mControl HD is not my favorite streaming app it does work once you spend some time to learn it’s quirks.

I’ve used Bridge II for years and been happy with it, but I’m finding that an Auralic Aries beats it for sound.

Love Bridge II so much that it has become my most frequent means of listening -even ahead of Tidal HiFi (which I do over the Bridge anyway).

Sure, other inputs (I2S, coax, USB) do get the edge but for my application it’s been fantastic. Base computer is situated 2 stories upstairs, using a Powerline combo, software is JRiver and its JRemote control for my iPhone/iPad. Love it not just for the sake of convenience -sound quality is very good indeed and I thought with the latest Bridge update stability also improved a tad.

I am also a Bridge 2 fan.
It sounds better than USB in my system.
Two minor gripes : clicks on DSD files, and sometimes a loud sound in a playlist with different formats (especially MQA).

I am not a fan of the Bridge II card. The DS sounds better over USB with an ultraRendu and even better if you remove the Bridge II card from the DS. This is when using Roon. Switching to HQPlayer made an even bigger difference in sound quality. You can not use HQPlayer with Bridge II card.

@speed-racer - yes, the reason I added the comment about going I2S down the road. I’ve got my eye on the Pink Faun 2.16 or flagship streamer in a few years - just upgraded my analog section by adding BHK Preamp; 2019 will be the year of upgrading my BHK250 amp to dual BHK300 amps. Then, 2020 will be the year of the streamer update. HQPlayer is the reason for the streamer upgrade. 2021 will be the year of the TSS, figured a few years to get the bugs worked out of the TSS. Getting Roon out of the audiophile part of the streaming. I love Roon; however, love it with a better back end solution. I love my Nucleus+ w/ AQVOX-SE into Bridge II; but, there is a better streaming SQ solution for sure. I will be reconfiguring my system till I pass away and my wife knows that; the reason we are still married after 35 years. There is no BSing my wife, she understands me very well. I’m an audiophile; hot-rod, and cycling whore and it is always good to have a 5 year audiophile plan… I’m not fooling anyone by saying this is my last upgrade… when I’m drooling on myself in a wheelchair I will be reading TAS & Stereophile and typing on the community board with arthritis ridden fingers… :slight_smile:

However, this is where we part company; DS DAC sounds better with I2S input. It was designed for the best sound through I2S as Ted has mentioned a plethora (wink to Elk) of times. In addition, he has also mentioned about usb issues.

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Yes, very happy with Bridge two. Use it with Jriver and MacBook / Ipad. Mostly for listening to new music, to judge if it is good enough for my radio station. Covers show up, music sounds very good. No problems with the bridge. Can’t imagine a DSD without a bridge.


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Bridge II + Roon sounds great and you can’t beat the convenience.

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All inputs can sound good and which one sounds best depends entirely on the used system & setup (however, from an objective point of view optical is probably best given the least risk for negative influences;-)