Adrian at “Audio Excellence” must know the MKII beats MSB & removed my posts!

I posted some thoughts of comparison by @mursalin_hossain on the YouTube “review” claiming the MSB was far superior to the PS Audio, and within a few hours, Audio Excellence removed my comments.

So clearly Audio Excellence has an agenda to protect their higher priced gear, and downplaying the virtues of the MKII on public forums.

Do you think Audio Excellence should still be a PS Audio dealer? Why not have a Canadian dealer who is willing to truly tout Paul and Ted’s amazing work? In this life, reputation is all we have.


So if he favored the mkii he shouldn’t be an MSB dealer any longer?

He did a comparison of 2 dacs and chose the one he preferred for whatever reason, I don’t believe he “bashed” the mkii

It good to have choices! I wouldn’t frequent my dealer very often if he only had one dac available or one preamp, turntable etc…



IMO, what you did was arguably inappropriate (and appears to suggest you are the one with an agenda) and your conclusion (not consistent with the video I watched) and dealership qualification question (ridiculous) are out of line.

My visceral reaction to your post might be tempered if I could read your YouTube post in context, but I guess that is not feasible.



Post should never be removed of someone expressing an opinion that differs, unless its rood. Not knowing what was said its hard to judge the removal. But I do not like when posts are removed just because they say I do not agree. But saying he should not be a dealer because he choose a DAC in a shootout that is 50% higher price is not right either. This hobby is very subjective. Don’t forget Luca picked the MSB over MKII.



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I confirm my choice and purchased the MSB after having listened in my home audition. What I liked and on which I based my final decision is a Premier not a Discrete, though.

I loved the MK II for 5 months and probably would have loved it for years, if I couldn’t had the opportunity to play music in my room from the MSB. I consider largely unfair a direct comparison between Premier and MK II (not an apple to apple frankly) but life is really strange sometime… I wasn’t searching for a new DAC, probably the new DAC found me!


I took his review as an honest appraisal, and even posted it here for people to see.

I didn’t post anything negative about him or the gear or his assessment, just another comparison.

My point is why is a PS Audio dealer removing positive comments about the brand he sells and discussed?

That’s precisely why I don’t have a you tube presence. Look yes. Comment no. Forget soon. :grinning:


I have no problem with him saying the MSB is better. I even posted the video here to try and understand what tech (or output section) the MSB had that made it convey the emotion of the music better, and have better dynamics, as he claimed.

My issue is why is a dealer taking down positive respectful posts about a brand he represents?

Contact him directly and ask.


If you posted there a link to the original comparison thread here, one justifiable reason that the dealer might remove your post is because the originator of the thread here (who I don’t think was you, but someone else) was making all kinds of comments about the dealer being biased and untrustworthy based on nothing more than the dealer saying he’s been a longtime fan of msb and hasn’t found anything that is better, and then finding the msb significantly better than the mk2.

Even your title of this thread is suspect and not logical.

Edit: just checked the original thread and it was you who was making the allegations of Adrian being biased and unqualified to test

@Elk that is a great idea!

A metaphor for our current sociopolitical consciousness.


Understood…appreciate the clarification/perspective…


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I was thinking this MSB/MKII debate more as what Shakespeare would say, “all sound and fury, signifying nothing.” I too was curious what the MSB Discrete might do, so I took one home for a few days. The true test. The MSB is no longer here but that was more due to cash flow (or lack there of) considerations and the more immediate need to get my streaming act together. I did find the MSB to be very engaging, natural, open, quiet. The MkIl excels in these areas as well but to a lesser degree. Does this gap justify the additional expense for the MSB? Anyone’s call. Maybe subsequent MKII software upgrades and the lure of the TS Super DAC is the wiser long play, but taking the MSB back to the dealer wasn’t a fun ride.


Much ado about nothing. Who in the end formulates our personal opinion about a piece of gear and whether to purchase it? A dealer or the individual consumer/audiophile? I know where I stand. Do I care what Audio Excellence does with a ‘review video’ that isn’t even a professional audio press review? Nope. Have other things on my mind and that isn’t one. My subjective opinion of gear is my own and my purchase decisions are my own. I’ve never been swayed by a YouTube video.


The MkII for me is a hit or miss roulette wheel every time I play music from it. The last 3.5.1 software requires factory resets ever few days. Why it beats me? It went back to punishing sound last night but I am burning in new Silver USB cable too. The software to power off the i2s or USB inputs doesn’t work if you try 3.5.0 it deletes your previous galvanic snd ground settings so you’re stuck in user interface menu hell. Who knows what Adrian was using or if it was configured for best sound. The UI is a train wreck to learn and not intuitive. I am not sure what happened to Villip but he often disagreed with Adrian on videos I am going to try to visit their store when In Toronto this summer.

I miss Darren Meyers and his ability to parse through and select better DS firmware’s. This last release was an Axpona rush job. I know it will get ironed out. But I can’t fault anyone being honest with what they hear.


Sorry, I can’t agree with this. Yes, the 2.5.1 interface has functional limitations, but the 2.08 Antero FPGA sound has at least in my system been dead stable and the best sonic version yet (apart from the remaining DSD pops Ted knows about). There has been no intermittent behavior requiring reboots.


I wish I could say the same but who knows what the beta unit repair was on my unit. I have never had pops though try a factory reset then listen for grins. I know one other user and Ted suggested it to me for when problems occur.

Reboot and factory reset differ.