Is PS Audio going direct sale only?

A thread on Audiophile Style mentioned that PSAudio will be factory direct only in a month. Of course, there were no links or sources. Just curious if this is true?

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That was started by a PSA dealer and forum owner yesterday.

No official word from PSA?

You expect an immediate response to a random thread within 30 minutes on a Friday night?

Really? crazy2

Perhaps someone from PS Audio will respond this evening, but tomorrow is more likely at best.

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I don’t know about that but Hi Def Lifestyles is where I ordered my m700’s/SGCD Preamp and then they had placed the order to the factory once I’d placed the order through them. There was no Stellar Stack Special pricing until I made this order. HiDef Lifestyles knocked $700 off of the SGCD if you bought two m700’s. The offer did not apply at the time with the Stereo S300. A day later, low and behold, the same pricing appeared on PS Audio’s website. I wanted to trade in my Marantz receiver but HiDef doesn’t do trades. In lieu of that, I get $300 off of my next purchase with them. They are in Harrisburg, PA and I’m in Scottsdale, AZ. No Dealer here in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area stocks any of the Stellar stuff.

I took the leap of faith and have no regrets. Darren & the PS Audio teams did a hell of a job. I call them the McIntosh Killers !

BTW, I did make a call recently to HiDef Lifestyles and they no longer are carrying the Spout. With the PS Audio 30 day trial. It’s a no brainer. The Dealers around me all ALL are by appointment only except Best Buy Magnolia (but they too are appointment only for listening sessions). That smells of “if you’re here by appointment, what are we buying today…what do you want to hear”. Dealers are very important and they need to eat too…Not LOL. I could have screwed HiDef, cancelled the order, and gone through PS Audio’s website directly. But that’s not my style.

True confession : During the Weekdays when I really have nothing to do, I’ll go into Magnolia Best Buy and bring a memory stick of my “Test Tracks”. I have them fire up the McIntosh’s and the B&W 802’s and have some fun and make it look like I’m gonna buy something. The folks there are in on the joke. No harm no foul.

ELK, Who said I was looking for an immediate response? Don’t read into everything… makes life much easier. I was asking if any official word was released from PSAudio recently, this week, week before…anytime. I was thinking I missed it somewhere.


I heard from my sales guy early this afternoon that this change was happening. I don’t have an opinion on the matter but he sure does.


I expected even earlier that the dealers stop selling PSA products from their side. I often mentioned that I think it’s well thought into the future to act so from PSA side (while disappointing for the dealers)…and imagine the noticeable add. money (30-40%?) PSA gets for each sale compared to other companies using distributors. But you then must be as active as Paul is. Only disadvantage is, that after a certain time any dealer will talk more or less bad about PSA products and this may influence some customers, especially those who need another opinion and don’t have an own (of which there are many in the audiophile world).

It is the worst experience of the dealer model that they nearly all talk badly about anything they decided to not carry anymore (or were forced to).

Usually when manufacturers decide to get out of the usual structure and sell directly (this e.g. happens with bicycle manufacturers) they have to sell even cheaper than PSA does compared to the competition. That PSA doesn’t need to lies in the well running marketing and online activities I’d say.

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This move, if it happens, would kill the very competitive market that currently exists for PSA equipment. I assume that’s the point. The lack of price flexibility will push some of us away…would significantly alter the value calculation at a minimum.

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I’m not certain what % of PSA sales are from outside dealers.

I can go only by what you actually state in your posts. :slight_smile:

I am sorry I went interpreted the ambiguity in your post in a way you did not intend.

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It is true that over the next 4 months we will be moving to a direct-only model in the United States.

The world is changing in retail, and rather dramatically. While there are still some excellent dealers offering more than just an ability to order products—like advice, technical support, setup, etc.—an increasing number of sales in the United States are handled by online or catalog merchants (the Amazon Effect). While this “Home Depot” model of price-first and service and support second works well in some industries, we don’t think it serves our community as well as they deserve.

Our customers demand better. The only way we can ensure the same high level of advice, help, easy trial at home, and generous trade-in allowance for all our products is by moving to a direct model over the remaining months in 2019. What that means for our customers will be consistently better service, better advice, same-day-shipping, our industry leading trade-in program where we pay full retail for your used equipment, a whole raft of new initiatives and programs we’ve yet to roll out, and some exciting new products making their way into the world soon.

I am excited. Stay tuned.


This is interesting news. I am a bit disappointed myself because I always felt my dealer was very helpful and I appreciated working with him. However, I guess I understand the point.
One significant concern is with the new speakers coming from PS Audio. Without the ability to hear them at a dealer it might just be too much trouble to use the 30 day return policy. Packing and shipping large speakers can be a pain.


The in home trial period is the biggie. Most people, nowadays, have to purchase something blind.

That with the speakers is a good point!

Else wise I think this is a great development for all parties except maybe the dealers who were engaged in PSA products.

I’m looking forward to how Paul will? revolutionize the oversees market with new strategies!

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Thanks, Paul.

An exciting development.

For me and I suppose many others it won’t make any difference as there’s no stocking dealers within driving distance. I enjoy the personal interaction with the direct sales team. As far as shipping for larger items goes there are many truck freight carriers that will pickup at your house and take care to handle things with care. Your responsibility is to have the package secured to a pallet. We deal with truck freight on a regular basis and everyone is always cheerful and helpful.

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Yup, but for a first short listen without the whole forth and back shipping process and cost, only high end shows remain probably…that’s not easy for selling speakers…but I’m sure Paul has an idea :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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ZU Audio has been doing it for years. Zu’s packaging is second to none when it comes to speakers. I’m sure PSA will do something similar.


There are many speaker brands with the same challenge as a practical matter as there are so few stocking dealers.