Advice needed for which regenerator P15 or P20

Hi Forumites,

First time poster here and new to the PS Audio family.

I ned some advice around selecting a regenerator and am a little confused on how to do the calculation.

I have - all in the same room.

2 channel
PS BHK 250 amp and PS BHK pre

Home theatre amp
Anthem 525 (225W x 5)
A second Anthem 525 (225W x 5)
A Primare 30.5 (125W x5) - of which l’m proposing to use 2 channels.
I use the BHK amp as the front two channels. So 13.1 in total.

Of course there’s other gear, a sub, cd player, streamer, DAC, AV Receiver, Blu ray player, Apple TV, Mac mini, maybe a phono-stage and turntable.

Could you help me work out whether l need a P15 and P20!

Many thanks

While a separate P15 and P20 might be ideal to keep the systems separated, I would suggest that a single P20 might be the best answer. A P20 sounds much better than a P15 and given that under normal circumstances you’ll never get close to exceeding or even reaching the capabilities of the multichannel amps, I think one would be safe.

Welcome to the forums @manta! You got your answer straight from the top first time at bat! Congrats and enjoy your system!

Dear Paul , what a surprise to receive a reply from the CEO himself!

Thank you for your recommendation, I suspected as much - so time to crawl under the couch to find some more pennies.

PS. - l really appreciate the efforts you have gone to educate myself and many others through your YouTube videos.
I also just bought your book today, so soon l’ll have no excuse for not getting the most out of your engineering.

Many thanks.

What a wonderful first post experience :slightly_smiling_face:

Darren (manta)


I just read this. Now I am very tempted to upgrade from P15 to P20 as well. If you don’t mind, what would be the main things I would hear the difference with P20 compared to P15? Thank you so much!

Definitely more open with greater space around the instruments and a better sense of body would be thew first thing you would notice.

Thank you so much. Really appreciate your help.