Help to choose my Regenerator!

Hello everyone. This is my first post. I’m looking for a PS Audio regenerator. My stereo is:

  • Integrated amplifier electrocompaniet amplifier ECI 5 MKII
    (120W x 2 @ 8 ohms, 200W x 2 @ 4 ohms, 370W x 2 @ 2 ohms).
  • A pair of speakers Monitor Audio PL300 (4 ohms).
  • DAC Topping D90
  • Project Stream Box S2 Ultra.

Can I use the P3 power plant or P-500?
Or its better a Power Plant Premiere? (more expensive).
Or its better to use a new Dectet power center?
Unfortunately at the moment I can only choose used units.

Thank you all.

I’m not an expert but if you are going to buy new I’d say the P12 would be your best bet! Again I’m no expert just a educated guess. Self educated at best! Good luck!

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unfortunately i don’t have budge for a P12 right now. My options are used devices:
P-500 (cheapest)
Premiere (1500W, intermediate price)
P3 (more expensive, but more recent)

Thanks for the answer.

Hey Hugo Alvin welcom to PS Audio forum…

In my thinking your Electocompaniet may not be happy
with P3 or P500 too small for entire system allowing
for music dynamics…

Power Plant Premier is vintage enough to where servicing it
may not be doable. Given the era these came out it is possible
that the power supply and other components need replacing.
The same for P500

P5 can be had for very reasonable prices and would be a very
good step up over the other 3…

I had a P5 in my system with a power guzzling power amp
and played well with it and was quite ample for it.

So my thinking is search for a used P5 on the market place
here on PS Audio forum…you may even find a used P12
for very reasonable prices…well worth looking for…

Best wishes in your search
Merry Christmas


Hi Davida. A very reasonable price P12 would be a dream. I will look for a P5 or even a P12 Thank you very much
Merry Christmas


These these dreams do happen, and PS Audio does have sales
big promotions on regenerators from time to time…

Keep looking…you will find …good things do happen !!! :pray:

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Bear in mind:

  1. Any regenerator up to a PPP is not supported any more.
  2. Any regenerator up to a P500 / 600 / 1000 is hugely inefficient.
  3. P3; P5 or P10 should be your starting point, should you look at a regenerator.

I agree, P3, P5 or P10 are in a different league to a PPP.


I would echo what everyone else has stated. The P3 just might not have enough to properly support your amp. The P12 is a good solution but I would avoid some of the older models, except the P5. They are getting pretty difficult to repair and in many cases we aren’t able to repair them at all. Not to mention the newer units have some really great improvements in performance. Give me a call and we can talk it through further and see what can be done about getting a P12 for you, 720-402-3924.


Way to go Kevin !!!

Here is a P5 available at the Music Room.

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A good general rule of thumb, is look at the rear panel of the electronics you plan to place into the regenerator. It should have total watts listed. Add those together to get what you should plan on for maximum current requirements. For example, my source is 490W, the 2 channel amp 825W, CD and BluRay 25W each. LCD is 175W. This combo would certainly warrant a P10 or better.


Hi guys. thanks for all the messages. I didn’t speak before, but I live in Brazil. but I wanted to buy in the USA and send it here. but after your messages I searched and found a P5 here in Brazil, close to my city, at an excellent price (equivalent to US $ 1800.00), with guarantee. I should receive it in January. thank you all. I’ll post pictures here.


Excellent news!

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Today, including Tax, 1 dollar = 5,39 Brazilian Real

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Another good news, they even accepted my old bowers & wilkins CM5 and CMC speakers as part of the payment.


Congratulations Hugo !!

Seek and you shall find !!!

I knew this would happen for you Hugo.
May the P5 exceed your expectations.

Merry Christmas !!

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Great! The P5 is the way to go! I have owned a P5 since it was launched, 7(?) years ago… it’s performed flawlessly.
The Premier I owned prior to the P5 was not very reliable - it would often need to be reset. I’m glad I stuck with PSA, as I had some trepidation before pulling the trigger on the P5, based on my PPP experience. Glad I did though, as the P5 has never had any issues.

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