Air Motion Transformer remergence

I was wondering why in the past 5 (?) or so years the number of loudspeakers using AMT drivers has soared? Have the impedance or efficiency issues been ironed out? Did a patent expire?

Thought this was a good place to ask since the FR30 uses them.


My Wharfefale’s use them too,
Not seen them used for many years.

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Patent expired in 2004, TM have lapsed. I think a few designers have got back to using them.

Audiovector have been using them since at least mid -90s

Audiovector – Just listen

Dunno about patents and all, but I love the trend! I love ribbon/AMT drivers. My Wharfedale EVO 4.2 have the smoothest high end. I like a good dome tweeter, but don’t want to go back from ribbons…