Media shortchanges again

only 3 US passive loudspeaker makers could be found, and then calls them the best

what about Wilson?

I don’t think the writer looked vary hard. I’ll bet there are at least a dozen and probably more if you count all of the small local builders that don’t advertise

No Magico either. :thinking:


This guy lost me at the first sentence:

“In the Bluetooth age, passive loudspeakers no longer represent the future of home audio.”


PS Audio, Tekton, Owen Mills, Martin Logan, Acoustic Zen, Classic Audio, Devore, Eggleston, Macintosh, Genesis, Klipsch, Legacy, Ohm, Rockport, Soundlab, Vandersteen, YG.

And probably a dozen more.


In effect, article saying these speakers are not among the best made in USA, neither are Wilson and Magico

I read the article as a shallow sampling of a few domestic brands, nothing more.

Maybe I missed it but I don’t recall reading a claim that the covered brands were the only manufacturers of “passive” loudspeakers in the US.


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You did not miss anything. It is not there

True, the article only referred to the best

When I click on the link and go to the article, the actual Headline is:

3 American Hi-Fi Companies Keeping the Tradition of Passive Loudspeakers Alive

I did not note anything in the article about the covered speakers declaring any of them as being the best.


True again, it is the marketing of the article as indicated in its link

Perhaps click bait

last line of the article is ‘priceless’…

Give them enough space and drive them with quality amplification and you may not understand how a pair of floor-standing loudspeakers can disappear in a room like a pair of the world’s best bookshelf loudspeakers.

from Google News web page today…got me to click, and noticed the same headline is used in the page browser tab

Wow. That IS priceless, now that you call it out.

I saw that also (in the browser tab). Can’t say I remember ever noticing that kind of disconnect before.

Please forgive me, this thread should be under Sick Humor

this article is simply an example of a litany of ultra superficial articles at the Gear Patrol web site, a condescending view of its audience…click bait for advertisers

makes one wonder, however, how much seemingly more serious sources are themselves useless/unreliable


and then there is the litigious guiding hand ‘synergising’ with financial thumbs on the scale…