Amperex Tube 6922

I have been rolling various makes of 6922 and had lots of different sounds some I have liked more than others , last week I bought a pair of Amperex Bugle Boy 6922/E88CC tubes of a audiophile web site the owner told me he bought them 10 years ago as a back up set and has not used them and does not need them now . I am aware that these are not the real Amperex , I have put them in to the pre amp and I am getting very good sound from them better base more refined mid range a very good 3D sound stage .

The box that they came in are yellow and green with a tube playing a bugle , the box was still factory sealed when I opened the box the tubes are in a foam cut out with a test certificate showing they were tested in 1998 . The tube has in white ink a face playing a bugle and below says Made in America . I have no problem with the tubes I like them very much just wanting to know if any one has any information about these tubes , are they made in America as re-issues or rebadged from another maker .

I have tried all the makes that this forum has been discussing and so far this has been the best in my set up so I would buy more of this tube to try in the power amp . Pictures would help but I am in hospital for a few days so until I come home just a description will have to do , any information on this would help me .

Thank you