Genuine Telefunken E88CC?

I’ve been wanting to try these in my BHK amp but they are so expensive I wanted to try them first. image
a friend has a pair he bought from someone awhile ago. He said I could try them out. However after looking at them I noticed they don’t have a <> on the bottom of either tube. When looking online I saw that real teles have <> on the bottom. Before buying these from my buddy I wanted to check if they are genuine or not. Gonna drop them in my preamp tonight to give them a listen. Thanks for your help.

The only “real” Telefunken I’ve ever seen that didn’t have the <> diamond on the bottom were 7DJ8/PCC88 tubes made by Siemens for Telefunken. In the photo below the one on the left was a Siemens made branded Telefunken while the one on the right was made by Telefunken and had the <> on the bottom.


If what you have is a Siemens branded Telefunken it’ll have the four seams up top like in this photo. Once again, the Siemens branded Telefunken is on the left while the Telefunken manufactured is on the right. I am not familiar with any 6922/E88CC made by Siemens for Telefunken so beware.


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I’m with Joe. I’m not convinced that they are real Telefunken tubes. The Siemens is the rare variant without the base ‘Diamond’. The stencil lettering is not consistent with my experience. Here are pictures of some of mine. You can zoom in on the base.


Thanks everyone. Saved me some cash. My friend wasn’t sure either. Looks like I’ll just pass on the deal.

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