Amplifier rattles LOUD

So some part of the amp has started rattling extremely loud when turned on. It’s a loud, constant mechanical sound that’s like a small hammer hitting metal very fast.
Not that many components in the amp capable of such mechanical feats, but even the transformers, how might they sound like this even when failing? This certainly isn’t buzzing, it’s metallic rattling and it’s at quite an imposing volume. (Or maybe it’s just a really violent form of “buzzing”, dunno, I don’t care for the terminology…)
Can’t locate the component by ear because it’s so loud.

What could it be?

Sounds like this could be a relay switch of some sort
that is not able to close properly… My old Denon power
amp would do that at times

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Ah yes, a relay… So this would most likely be the one that makes a click some seconds after the amp is turned on? And now it’s clicking non-stop…

Possibly…on my old Denon POA 2200 speaker A or B
could be switched in or out independently…

As the Denon got older like 20+ years both speakers
had to be switched on or a non stop clicking would set in.

Hope this helps

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Or could it be a mariachi band member got stuck in the
amp box and is rattling his maracas to get attention so
he can be let out… :grin:

I noticed that the power button is vibrating, so it’s to do with the switch. It’s not the relay that clicks to turn on the amp, it does turn on. Just can’t hear the music with this noise…
The switch is so hard to reach that I guess I should take it to a repair shop,

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Might be good idea to get it serviced…
Which amp do you have?

unplug it!

That too!!

Why, can that repair it…?

Electrocompaniet ECI-1.

Because that sounds dangerous. Electricity can kill you.


Ah yes. Of course. I’m not keeping it on, the noise would drive me crazy even if it wasn’t dangerous.

Ah. Fixed it by unscrewing the front plate and wiggling until the switch settled… Such a relief, don’t have to live over a week without music.


Hey Arenith that is wonderful relief…
Good to hear…

Best wishes

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Ah. Something sparked with a hefty pop, or rather a boom, and the fuse was obliterated. SHOULD HAVE UNPLUGGED IT.

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Oh oh…

Doesn’t sound good…Time to get amp serviced.

Best wishes

Well, Electrocompaniet takes pride in making amps that are nearly arc welders when needed, so hopefully most of the amp withstood the fireworks. It was a pretty but short orange light show.

Somebody let the smoke out :frowning_face:

Ah, fortunately only a brief light show, no fumes and all components look externally fine… But something did make a hefty boom. What type of passive component could be capable of letting out a BAM! effect?
Maybe it was the plasma itself expanding the air?

I dont know much about electronics in general but capacitors will definitely go boom when overfed. I’ve seen a couple do that back when I was doing big car stereo systems.

I have seen fuses go bang too but they usually aren’t very loud. Hopefully it is an inexpensive repair!!