Analog First Day Post Office Issues: Gershwin & 100th Anniversary of Phonograph


While emptying out some boxes that haven’t been opened in 25+ years, I found these two First Day Covers.

The first in the photo shows a George Gershwin First Day Cover from 1973.

The second commemorates the 100th anniversary of the phonograph dated 1977. There is a large, heavy coin as part of this issue.

The address is to one of my late father’s radio stations.

For you Washington, DC residents it may be of some interest to note that my father was the founder of WGMS “The Good Music Station” and was once Managing Director of the National Symphony Orchestra.

He also wrote and composed The President’s Prayer.

I have no idea if the pictured First Day Covers are worth anything…I rather doubt it.

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Very cool - thanks for sharing those.



Yes, neat stuff. And fun information regarding your father.


@elk My greatest accomplishment was dating a Penthouse Pet for 7 months. Not much compared to my father.


He made it to eight months?





@elk funny


Hey Birddog,

The pictures and info about your late father are very interesting. Memories and mementos of our fathers’ lives are cool to find and share. Don’t be so hard on yourself. From what I know about you you’ve done very well yourself, you may not have realized all you’ve done. Teachers make great impacts that they may never realize.

I never heard of the President’s Prayer. You could email it to me. I’d be glad to read it.

Steven B-)


@elk =))


@sgrowan Thank you Steven.

Did your soft-porn Polish DAC arrive yet?

Does each DAC come with the model?

Attached files

sgrowan said: Teachers make great impacts that they may never realize.

Remarkably so. =D>


Great stuff on all counts, Christopher. :slight_smile: