Rocky Mountain High

EDIT 2/27/14: If you have come here from the February 2014 PSA Newsletter, “The Cat is Out of the Bag” and there are more relevant threads and videos here:

No…I did not! Even if it IS legal in Colorado…

Just finished one of the best ski weeks ever. Superb fresh snow every day and a lucky quiet week at the resorts. Even though I live in cow tipping country I have a great passion for tearing up my aging knees while suffering from altitude sickness in the freezing cold. :slight_smile:

I always take at least one day off to rest and this year I used that day to travel to Boulder to visit PS Audio. As before, they were very welcoming and this time I got to meet the boss. Now don’t tell Paul, but he thinks I showed up to meet him but I actually just wanted to play with his stereo. :wink: We love to learn new things about audio and this day did not disappoint. I discovered what a truly transparent system will reveal in recordings, and that the reality is not always euphonic. I heard enough material that afternoon to say that the IRS V has a mercilessly revealing nature but when the music production is done right it can be stunning. It’s a perfect tool for an audio designer. I must say that sitting in the room listening to Paul’s system is a truly amazing experience. The size of the IRS V is not conveyed by the photos or video. Like the Grand Canyon, you just have to be there. Imposing as they are, you can’t find them at all with your eyes closed; they’re audibly invisible. Delicate acoustic instrument decays and gripping, tangible full range bass are effortlessly conveyed in this room. Some choral passages totally filled an enormous 3D space like I have never heard before, unless live. I would have to say that there were several moments that came startlingly close to “you are there.” A sensation like peering over the edge of a cliff or tall building in some way. That room also gets hot after extended listening…really hot with all that equipment in there. :slight_smile:

Ah, the Skunkworks… I can’t tell you what I saw but we discussed several projects in the works and I am even more impressed by Paul’s dedication to producing kit of the highest quality that’s affordable by us mere mortals with merely mortal incomes. I was able to hear the amp that Paul is using to size up his new amplifier and he has high ideals. He wants his amp to sound like an astronomically priced unit and he won’t release it until he is satisfied. If he can do it, this will be a world class unit (really). Good things take time and this is a good project with the bar set very, very high. But… the real show stopper was a new component that will set your system on it’s ear. I can’t tell you what it is or what it does (he’ll kill me 8-X ) but I tried to buy one on the spot (no production units yet ~X( ). I’ll have to wait, but I’ve already committed to buy one. This thing had my jaw on the floor. I’m going to spend part of my P10 fund on this one, instead.

Lots of superlatives here, but this is what I walked away with after a great afternoon. My best memory from this trip will be of Paul, himself. He is every bit as personable and engaging as you would expect from his writing and videos. We talked about things aside from audio, probably more than audio itself, and I was truly surprised by and appreciative of the amount of time that he put aside to spend with me, which made it a perfect day in a great Colorado trip.

Thanks, Paul.


Ah… The plot thickens… :smiley:

Yes! >:)

And now MY stereo now sounds like CRAP. :))

Good old saying:“Do not listen to a system/component you can’t afford” :wink:

Unless… you can actually have “part” of it to take home with you that springboards your OWN system into a NEW dimension.

Stay tuned!

They say when more than one knows about it that it is no longer a secret.

The protective wrapping on the “NEW” is beginning to crumble.

The count-down is accelerating?


@wglenn Thanks Will and it was truly my pleasure. We are so fortunate to have folks like yourself that come by and visit, share and enjoy. I have a busy schedule but any excuse to spend time with people like yourself in the Listening Room is all it takes. Your presence got me out of an AR meeting and some other boring crap. It was fun.

The rumors are spreading. As Gordon suggests, YOU CAN have part of it to take home. >:) :wink:

Have to keep quiet but the suspense is killing me! :-((

Will heard it … read what he had to say about the A/B we did.

A/B we did. Probably a good 10 times with another product that is regarded as a “winner.” No “maybes” here. Slam dunk, no contest. The mystery machine trounced it’s competitor. The competing unit is one that I have heard many times before in comparison to other pieces and it had held it’s own respectably. Not this time. B-)

EDIT 2/27/14: The “competing” unit was a PerfectWave DAC MkII. I referred to it this way so as to not give any clues as to it’s identity. It was the only device that we A/B’ed on this day.

So at least we know it costs less than a P10. Whatever it is. Unless wglenn has been saving to buy multiple P10s. It’s like slow-drip water torture.

It’s actually just a little more than a P10. 8->

This is intriguing … we learned today the amp has been delayed due to the need for a new output stage, so that can’t be the item WGlenn is lusting after. PS Audio doesn’t currently have just a preamp, but one that costs more than a P10 seems bit far fetched and there has been no mention of it to date so that doesn’t seem right. PS Audio hasn’t made speakers in the past so I’ll rule that out (for the most part), so I’m guessing it has something to do with the recent Paul’s Posts about a “magic DAC”. Not likely a PWD Mk III, but an add on? Hmmmm, hopefully Paul won’t let us hang for too long!

It's actually just a little more than a P10. 8->

I'm definitely still in.

Why would you rule out a NEW type of “super” speaker? OR crossover?

mind you, the last can of herring I opened were predominantly red.

Go figure.

More expensive than a P10… I don’t see that as an “Add On” price point… I’d go with a PWD MKIII or Reference DAC… especially since I’m seeing new PWD MKII getting heavily discounted… I doubt it’s a PS Audio turntable… speakers-nope, preamp… maybe… super duper power regenerator… who knows

Could it be something that includes DSD?

Could it be something that includes DSD?

In this case it needs to do double-dsd, IMO.
Given the fact that selection of dac-chips for nextgen PWD seems undecided at the time being, I would be surprised if it is a new reference dac.

Gordon, anything is possible, but speakers seem a real big leap for PS Audio. My only hesitation is Paul has said several times he wants to provide a complete system. Speakers are the one thing they have never produced. There are so many fine speakers available it seems folly to go that way, but that never stopped anyone! One thing I didn’t think of is an improved PWT. If he added SACD it would be nice, but, that $5000 price point is an expensive area to play.



This is why I opined that SQ improvement trumped all other qualities.

So, from outside the box, it could be anything from a power cord to a post-it that we stick on our tweeters. If it improves SQ then it is a winner at this point.

Again my tease here is to help build some anticipation and not to bug anyone who does not enjoy “something to look forward to”. :x

frode said: In this case it needs to do double-dsd, IMO.

I am certain any DSD product would include double rate DSD for buzzword compliance.

pmotz said: There are so many fine speakers available it seems folly to go that way . . .

I have always found interesting there are so many speaker manufacturers when the transducer is the most flawed in the reproduction chain. It is the hardest to conquer, yet so many believe they can.

Gordon said: Again my tease here is . . . not to bug anyone who does not enjoy "something to look forward to".

This is a misstatement of my objection to, by your own description, deliberately cryptic approach. I am not aware of anyone "who does not enjoy something to look forward to."

I have, instead, made clear I am unfavorably impressed with your initial intentionally vague, childish "I know something you don't" approach.

After direct inquiry as to what you were writing about, you responded with a patronizing:

"Your guru often walks in wonderfully mysterious paths. As you know, meditators carry the added burden of future gazing beyond the navel.
Patience, grasshopper, for your enlightenment is fore-written."
Signed, "Cryptically yours,"

As another noted: "Sorry G but I don't think you can expect people to get excited about something so vague." Others noted your posts made no sense, are cryptic, etc.

This is distinct from an honest, direct "There is a new product in the works. I am not free to disclose details, but I am impressed and I believe you will be also." Fortunately, after considerable prodding, you came around to this much better, respectful approach.

I raised my objection *once*, clearly and precisely. In response, you mischaraterized my statement and have continually made snide ad hominem remarks.

Enough already.

Treat as an exemplar, wglenn's wonderful, fun story at the beginning of this thread. Open, sharing of his excitement. Great stuff.

Elk, my fellow forum brother.

Do you really feel that everything is about you?

Poor Toi.

By your own words do you not think enough is enough.

I’m focused on SQ and a group of Audiophiles who may be excited that something [in a bag?] is in the works and being prepared for imminent release.

Chill out bud.

If you prefer Wglenn, then ask him out for a date. He’s a great dancer. [Sorry Will].

I hope PS has loads of goodies in the pipeline…they are an innovative company and do many cool things. I look forward to doing whatever beta testing I can where my help would be of service to PS, and I’d have the reward of being involved in a beta process, which I find very interesting for a number of personal and professional reasons. If there is news about new products, let’s hear it. I don’t really care too much for the tantalising tidbit approach, because I don’t see the upside of it, and do see the downside of potential misinformation/misdirection as well as the creation of expectations that prove hard to fulfil (I liked Alekz’s remark that ‘another name for “any day now” is Christmas’ in another thread…pretty funny).